Hannah Montana Fan Calls Out Major Plot Hole in Show's Storyline

In a viral TikTok video, one Hannah Montana fan pointed out that the hit Disney Channel series starring Miley Cyrus had a major plot hole, which actually revealed the teen pop star's identity.

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Watch: "Hannah Montana" Fan Finds Major Plot Hole

Sweet niblets! Hannah Montana fans have made an interesting discovery about the hit Disney Channel series

In a viral TikTok video captioned, "THE BIGGEST PLOT HOLE IN CINEMATIC HISTORY," user Ky Klunder pointed out that the show, which starred Miley Cyrus as the teen popstar living a double life, has a plot hole that needed to be addressed, noting that Hannah Montana's secret identity was actually revealed by a minor indiscretion involving her dad Robby Ray Stewart, who was played by Miley's real-life dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

"Hannah Montana plot hole: Robby Ray Cyrus was Miley Stewart's dad," Klunder begins in the video. "We know this because Rico goes to their house and says, ‘Miley and Jackson, I need to talk to your dad because my grandma's a big fan of old, washed-up country singers. Can I please have his autograph?' Common knowledge that the old country singer is Robby Ray…is Miley and Jackson's dad."

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"Fast forward to the Jonas Brothers episode," she continues. "The Jonas Brothers say, ‘Oh, my gosh. You're Robby Ray, you write all the songs.' And Hannah Montana says, ‘Yup, my dad, Robby Ray, the old country singer, writes all the songs.'"

But it doesn't stop there. Highlighting another instance where the father-daughter duo unknowingly made their identities known, Klunder added, "Fast forward to the...Silver Booty Award. Hannah Montana wins it. Robby Ray says, ‘I'm so excited to give this to my daughter because I won it so many years ago.'"



Reiterating her point, she stressed, "Robby Ray, the famous country singer, was both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana's dad, and nobody ever put it together!"

Since posting her bombshell revelation, Klunder's video has received over 2.5 million views and counting.

Back in March, Miley and Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment had a mini reunion on the "Mother's Daughter" singer's Instagram Live show Bright Minded. Done to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the show, the duo treated fans to a walk down memory lane by critiquing their Hannah Montana wardrobes.

Months later, Emily reflected on her time playing Hannah's sidekick Lilly Truscott, expressing her gratitude to be a part of the show.

"This is one of my favorite photos from HM. Have no idea who took it or why the great room set is empty on a tape night, but I have a physical copy of it from a disposable camera and now it's on the internet," Emily wrote alongside a throwback photo of her and Miley on the Hannah Montana set. "I spent a couple hundred Friday nights here instead of all the places a normal teenager should have been and it made me an adult faster than I could prepare myself for. However, I am grateful to have been handed a sense of accountability and purpose at such a young age because I still have it -and then some." 

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