Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's Dad Share Heartwarming Memories From the Superstar's Childhood

Lin-Manuel Miranda's father, Luis Miranda, shares the most adorable story about how dedicated the Hamilton creator was to his art, even as a child.

By Kelsey Klemme Jun 19, 2020 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Lin-Manuel Miranda's Father Sends a Father's Day Message

While many of Lin-Manuel Miranda's fans came about when his 2015 musical Hamilton premiered to wild acclaim, he's always had this huge supporter in his corner from day one: His father, Luis Miranda.

Luis exclusively shared with E! News a heartwarming Father's Day message that included adorable stories around Lin-Manuel's childhood. "In a day like this, you remember your kid and the way he was and continues to be," Luis began in the video above. "Lin-Manuel was an easygoing kid who was friendly to everyone, great to have around, so much that parents of other kids in his classroom would call my wife and I for playdates."

He continued to talk about how Lin-Manuel—who will also be celebrating Father's Day this weekend with his two sweet sons—was always passionate about his art, even as a young child.

"His art was always very important," Luis shared. "He spent his free time filming his own movies, writing his own rhymes, creating his own little stories."

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Luis hilariously shared a story of how Lin-Manuel's dedication to the craft even got him in a bit of trouble once.

"One day I got a call from a friend of mine who is a lawyer to let me know that Lin-Manuel had been arrested with three friends on the subway," Luis told E!. "Arrested is probably a strong word, but he was given a summons and asked to leave the subway here in New York City because he and three friends were singing in the subway and collecting donations for their art!"

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Whether it's hearing his music on a subway platform or in a Broadway theater, we know anyone who heard Lin-Manuel's work has appreciated it!

As far as what we can expect from the Tony-winner next? While we will have to wait a little for the In the Heights movie adaptation (it was set for summer, but moved back due to the coronavirus pandemic), we were excited when Disney+ announced the original Hamilton musical will come to the streaming service early, on July 3!

In the meantime, our message to everyone is the same as Luis', which is "To all, Happy Father's Day!"

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