Listen to Alicia Keys' Powerful New Song "Perfect Way to Die"

Alicia Keys released her new song "Perfect Way to Die" on Friday. "The song title is so powerful and heartbreaking because WE are heartbroken by so many who have died unjustly," she wrote.

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Alicia Keys is calling for justice and channeling pain into song.

The 39-year-old singer released her new track "Perfect Way to Die" on Friday and reflected on how she "felt called by music" like never before. 

"The song title is so powerful and heartbreaking because WE are heartbroken by so many who have died unjustly," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Of course, there is NO perfect way to die. That phrase doesn't even make sense. Just like it doesn't make sense that there are so many innocent lives that should not have been taken from us due to the destructive culture of police violence. Sometimes I don't have the words and music is the only thing that can speak. I hope this speaks to you. I hope one day this song won't be so relevant. Let's NEVER stop fighting for justice."

In a press release, Keys said the song was "written from the point of view of the mother whose child has been murdered because of the system of racism that looks at Black life as unworthy."

As she sang at the beginning of the track, "Simple walk to the corner store/Mama never thought she would be getting a call from the coroner. Said her son's been gunned down, been gunned down/Can you come now/Tears in her eyes/Can you calm down/Please ma'am can you calm down?"

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The 15-time Grammy winner originally wrote the song with the deaths of Michael Brown and Sandra Bland in mind. 

"However, the widespread awareness sparked by their murders, and the constant string of unjustified killings that have followed until this day, makes this moment a necessary time to share it," the release continued.

Keys will perform "Perfect Way to Die," which was co-written and produced by Sebastian Kole, during the BET Awards broadcast on June 28. In addition, the song will appear on her seventh studio album ALICIA, which is set to be released this fall.

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Listen to the track via the video above.

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