11 MLB Players Who Are All-Star Dads Off the Baseball Field

This Father's Day weekend, we are recognizing some MLB players who have hit a home run in the dad department. See just some of the many impressive parents.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 20, 2020 10:00 AMTags
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In the game of fatherhood, there's no such thing as a time out. 

While sports fans are used to seeing their favorite MLB players on the baseball field, there's another side to many athletes you don't see when they step up to the plate or field that fly ball.

This Father's Day weekend, we decided to put the spotlight on just some of the many professional baseball playing dads who are impressive both on and off the field. 

And just because they can pitch balls at 100 miles per hour or hit home runs in massive stadiums doesn't mean they are exempt from the highs and lows of parenthood. 

"It's not the easiest thing in the world but it's the most rewarding thing in the world," Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander previously shared with Fox News when discussing life with his daughter Genevieve. "Every day we wake up and see her it's such a blessing. The timing of things, obviously we try to balance our schedule and taking care of her. I would be lying if I said it was easy but I think we're doing like any other new parent does and we're kind of learning on the fly and figuring it out and doing what's best for our daughter." 

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As fans eagerly hope for the return of baseball season, take a look at some athletes and their winning fatherhood moments. 

Clayton Kershaw

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers 

When not pitching on the mound, this proud dad partners with his wife Ellen Kershaw to create Kershaw's Challenge—a charity organization that seeks to serve vulnerable and at-risk children living in Los Angeles, Dallas, Zambia and the Dominican Republic.

Bryce Harper

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

"Yea I guess you could say he makes me unbelievably happy!" the outfielder shared on Instagram when saying hi to his son during practice. 

Brandon Crawford

Team: San Francisco Giants

Whether it's a festive holiday or day at the ballpark, this shortstop's family always knows how to bond in style. 

Jake Arrieta

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

In this loving household, it's "Phamily day everyday." 

Dexter Fowler

Team: St. Louis Cardinals 

#GirlDad Alert! The highly regarded outfielder can't help but post photos of his youngest fans on Instagram. 

Justin Verlander

Team: Houston Astros 

"Even though it feels like I can't possibly love you anymore somehow my love for you grows more every day! You have forever changed our lives for the better!" the MLB pitcher wrote on Instagram when celebrating his daughter's birthday. 

David Price

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Who you gonna call when you're looking for a fantastic father and baseball player? David Price, obviously.

Todd Frazier

Team: Texas Rangers

"Here we go again," the infielder previously shared on Instagram. "Year 14 of heading out for spring training. Was once the best of days, now toughest leaving my kids for a little while." 

Yonder Alonso

Team: Atlanta Braves 

With an Instagram bio that states "family over everything," we know where this guy's head is at when he's not a first baseman. 

Hernan Perez

Team: Chicago Cubs 

Hernan's son may be young, but if you ask dad, he's already showing signs of being a serious competitor. "Everything he does, it's because he's watching TV. He lives in this world, baseball, and he loves it," Hernan shared

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Team: Boston Red Sox

"Some people are worth melting for," the MLB player shared on Instagram when celebrating Halloween with his family. 

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