Watch the Moment Graduates Learn Their College Debt Has Been Paid Off

More than 400 graduates receive an epic surprise during a Zoom call with the nonprofit Students Rising Above. See their reactions after learning their college debt has been paid off.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 18, 2020 6:38 PMTags
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It's a Zoom call these graduates won't soon forget.

Last month, a group of former students came together for what they thought was an average virtual meeting with Students Rising Above. But when the nonprofit's CEO Elizabeth Devaney appeared on the call, a big surprise was about to be dropped.  

"What I want to share with you today is that anonymous SRA donors have presented us with a remarkable gift—donations up to $8 million with the intent to eliminate student loan debt on more than 400 students," she shared.

In the video going viral, graduates have a wide variety of emotions with some screaming in excitement while others can't help but shed tears of joy.

"Are you kidding me?" one student is overheard asking while another can't help but freak out. "You're going to make me cry today," another added.

According to SRA's website, the nonprofit organization "invests in low-income, first generation college students who have demonstrated a deep commitment to education and strength of character in overcoming tremendous odds and barriers."

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The organization aims to "help each student realize their potential by guiding and supporting them through college graduation, and into the workforce."

Law school graduate Kimberly Armstrong was one of the lucky ones to receive finacial aid thanks to the huge donation. 

"It's a shock," she told KPIX. "It's amazing. It's a relief, though. Once you start kind of setting in, there's this weight that, comes off of you. Literally, it's a weight lifted."

And although the donors chose to remain anonymous, many of the students have a message of gratitude.

"God bless you," Kimberly shared. "Definitely, God bless you. I thank you abundantly for even thinking about students like us."

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