Madison Prewett Admits She Cried After Bachelor Fight With Peter Weber's Mom

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett admitted that she became emotional following her After the Final Rose fight with Peter Weber's mother Barb.

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Madison Prewett is opening up about that fight.

During Monday's episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons -- Ever!, the 24-year-old relived her and Barbra Weber's heated exchange with Chris Harrison, telling The Bachelor host that tears were shed following their After the Final Rose fight.

As Bachelor Nation fans will recall, Peter Weber's mother was displeased to learn that Peter had ended his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss and decided to give love another try with Madison. After hearing the news, she picked a fight with Madison over her lack of manners when she met Peter's family. Barb also told the couple that "it's not going to work" between them.

Remembering the moment, Madison explained that she understands where Barb was coming from.

"As far as with Barb, there's absolutely no hard feelings there," she said. "She is a great mom, and she was just doing her job as a mom to protect her son in the way that she felt like she needed to. So, I wish them all the best."

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After Harrison joked there was "zero chance" that she didn't have any hard feelings towards Barb, Madison added, "I was very upset after. I really was. But now, I'm just in such a good place now. But after the show, yes, I cried."

Shortly after the finale aired, Harrison called Madison and Barb's showdown "so uncomfortable" to watch.  

"It was the most awkward moment I've had in television, and I've had some really awkward moments," he told E! News back in March. "But I was so uncomfortable, because it has to do with family and family is something I kind of cherish and hold tight and I know Peter does too, so I know how heartbreaking it was. It was really, really uncomfortable in like a really sad way." 

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Weighing in on Peter's new relationship with Kelley Flanagan, Madison assured Harrison that she's happy the former Bachelor found love after the show. 

"Kelley and I were really close on the show," the reality star said. "Obviously I loved Peter, and I'm happy that he's found a person that he feels he can be the best version of himself with, and that his family loves and supports."

Back in March, Barb dubbed the Chicago lawyer as her "fave" and praised Kelley on Instagram. "The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the World!!!" she wrote. "You were and will always be my Fav rav."

Madison also shared that she and Hannah Ann have remained "good friends" and keep in touch. In April, the Bachelor stars reunited during an Instagram Live and caught up with one another virtually.

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