Why Hilary Swank Wants Viewers to See This "Heartbreaking and Hopeful" Documentary

Hilary Swank is throwing her support behind the new documentary WOMAN—and she's not even in it. Read on for why she wants you to see the "mesmerizing, heartbreaking and hopeful" film.

By Beth Sobol Jun 15, 2020 3:06 PMTags
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Hilary Swank is throwing her support behind a new movie—and she's not even in it.

The two-time Oscar winner wants to draw attention to WOMAN, a new documentary premiering on the Cinemoi network this Tuesday, June 16.

Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Anastasia Mikova—and with support from non-profit organizations across the globethe film takes viewers to 50 countries as it shines a light on the many challenges and gender stereotypes woman face, regardless of their economic, social or geographic circumstances. Audiences will be introduced to inspiring women who found the strength to fight societal norms in regards to education, reproduction and in their careers. 

"WOMAN is mesmerizing, heartbreaking and hopeful," Swank tells E! News. "Through revealing, powerful personal stories, the documentary opens our eyes to the plights, barriers and triumphs of women of all color all over the planet."

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In addition to Swank, stars such as Chaka Khan and Macy Gray has also supporting the eye-opening project, which hopes to educate views on how far women have come in their fight for equality—and just how far they have to go. 

To celebrate WOMAN's premiere, Cinemoi has pledged up to one million dollars to help the Red Cross fight the global coronavirus pandemic.

Starting on Tuesday, you can watch the documentary here

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