Here’s Why Jennifer Garner Was Walking Her Cat in a Stroller

During her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Garner hilariously set the record straight on why she's been spotted taking her cat for walks in a stroller.

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Jennifer Garner is that crazy cat lady now.

While catching up with Ellen DeGeneres during her virtual visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the mom of three opened up about how her family has been faring while social distancing, sharing that they've started taking their cat on walks in a stroller.

"One of my kids was not into going for walks and we just had to get out the house," she explained. "And I said, ‘What can we do? We have to just commit to going for walks.' And she said, ‘I wanna take the cat.' So, we ordered a cat stroller." 

After crediting Jessica Seinfeld with giving her the inspiration, Garner added, "All of a sudden, now I have a cat and a cat stroller and I take it for walks. And it has a leash."

Giving viewers an idea of what the cat stroller looked like, DeGeneres showed an image of the 13 Going on 30 star and her cat from one of their strolls.

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Despite her pet's upset expression in the photo, Garner assured the daytime host that the cat enjoys its new stroller.

"It's a little bit like, ‘Why am I in here?' But I think it's happy to go out and about," she explained. "I mean, it's very titillated by the whole adventure. It's into it."

Still on the topic of her pets, Garner couldn't help but gush over her beloved chickens, which she said have been coming in handy during social distancing. 


"The chickens are—I mean, what a time to have chickens," she raved. "They've been just out there laying. They just give us eggs. We have eggs up the wazoo. We give eggs to neighbors."

Switching gears, the duo also discussed the ways Garner has been giving back during the pandemic with her organic family food company Once Upon a Farm, which recently partnered with Save The Children, a global organization that improves the lives of children through better education, health care and economic opportunities.

"That work has been all about getting off on the right foot socially, emotionally with education, early literacy, early childhood—all of that stuff—in school, after school programs, summer literacy," the Camping star explained. "And now with this pandemic, suddenly, the kids are out of school and this is where they get their food."

"Once Upon A Farm is finally partnering with Save [The Children]," she continued. "They kicked us off with, like, a big donation to Save With Stories, which is an initiative Amy Adams and I started to try to make sure that kids are being fed and educated during quarantine."

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