Lana Condor: Inside My Self-Care Routine

Exclusive: The To All the Boys I Loved Before star reveals her go-to snacks, workout and three things she does everyday as part of her at-home self-care routine

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To All the Self-Care Routines We've Loved Before...get ready for Lana Condor's.

OK, that was cheesy, but we're very excited to bring you the To All the Boys I've Loved Before star's wellness routine as part of our Wellness Wednesday series.

The 23-year-old is one of #AerieEAL's role models and her self-care routine is the definition of real, from the three things she does every day to her easy go-to beauty routine. 

But one thing Lana said that really stuck with us, especially as there is a lot going on in the world right now? "We tend to beat ourselves up all the time, comparing ourselves with others, feeling like we aren't doing enough, or that we aren't enough," she said. "And I always say we need to be kinder to ourselves and soft. We need to talk to ourselves that way we'd talk to our best friends or loved one."

Self-love is also self-care and it's so important, so make the time to take care of yourself the way you do for others.

Here's Lana's self-care routine, including her favorite way to break a sweat and her reading recommendations: 

Affirmation or Mantra You Tell Yourself:

 "Greatness is Coming."

How to Self-Care at Home Like the Stars

Three Things You Try to Do Each Day & Why You Feel It's Important to Do These?

I try and read every single day. It grounds me and makes me feel in control. And I absolutely love thriller novels, so it keeps me entertained. I also feel like pleasure reading everyday keeps your brain active and your body calm. I also drink at least half my body weight, in ounces, of water every day. Staying hydrated is such a must- and I genuinely feel better when my body is fully hydrated. And I two walks a day, with my puppy, is always a must. Of course, for Emmy, but also to keep my body active and fresh air always makes me feel better. Some days, when I am having a really hard time waking up, I'll go on an early chilly walk with Emmy and it sets such an awesome energized tone for the rest of my day.

Lana Condor/Aerie; Melissa Herwitt/E! Illustration

Social Media Account You Follow for Positivity & What Do You Love About This Account?

 I love following @_hi_anxiety_. The account was created to help better deal with anxiety. And what I love about it, is that it created a safe place for people to feel heard and understood and not so alone, in their mental health struggles. They post daily affirmations and quotes that are so relatable. And they post tips and tricks to help manage your mental health in a positive way.

The Best Current Comfort Food TV

Your Favorite Way to Break a Sweat Right Now:

Honestly, my favorite way to break a sweat right now is playing VR. We got a virtual reality headset, right as everything was shutting down, and it's been AMAZING during quarantine. There are so many games that make you work up a sweat and it's so awesome. I am genuinely so sore after I play. I love to wear AERIE's new high waisted biker shorts because there so breathable and flexi, while also making me feel safe and secure. They are great to use when you're breaking a sweat, whether its playing VR or going for a run! I like to pair them with the new AERIE real "free tank bralette" for extra support on the top. Throw on one of their "distressed crew neck t-shirt" and you have a full, stylish, workout look!

E! Illustration

Your Go-To Snack:

My go- to snack is canned oysters. I know that might sound weird, but I am absolutely obsessed with canned oysters. They are such a good source of protein, magnesium and vitamin C. They are so tasty and always fill me up. I eat them straight out of the can, but sometimes if I want some extra carbs, I'll eat them with crackers and the crunch of the cracker with the soft oyster is so good!

Your Go-To Healthy Recipe:

My go-to healthy recipe is always just a nice piece of fresh salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts in sunflower oil, and potatoes. Sometimes I'll just put a little citrus and salt on my salmon, other days I'll put some marinara sauce on the salmon, and it is so delicious.

Your No. 1 Self-Care Tip:

I feel like a broken record, but HYDRATION, is the number one self-care tip I can give!!! That and being really gentle and soft with yourself. We tend to beat ourselves up all the time, comparing ourselves with others, feeling like we aren't doing enough, or that we aren't enough. And I always say we need to be kinder to ourselves and soft. We need to talk to ourselves that way we'd talk to our best friends or loved one.

You Can't Go to Bed Without Doing This: 

I can't go to bed without flossing. I'm addicted to flossing and if I miss a day, I truly can't sleep!

Your Go-To Indulgence:

My forever go- to indulgence is any type of pasta, and lots of delicious sauce. Although, I would not call it an indulgence because I honestly eat pasta every single day. When I am indulging in a big bowl of pasta I definitely like to be cozy and comfy! I try and stay away from anything that has too big of sleeves because I don't want to accidentally get sauce on them! So I freaking love to wear this new "Easy knit midi dress" from AERIE's new collection. It's so comfortable and breathable, while also looking effortlessly chic if I'm doing a big bowl of pasta for date night. I like to tie it at the bottom in a knot to also style it up!

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Your Go-To Easy Beauty Routine:

Hydration is KEY! Lately I haven't been wearing a ton of makeup, so skin care and hydration has been my everything. I start with cleansing my face with my cleanser and face brush. Then I use a lemon wipe that I got in Korea, all over my face to brighten it. Then I use my serum, moisturizer, and finally eye cream. I never leave the house without using eye cream!


Your Current Feel-Good Song & Why Does It Make You Feel Good?

My current favorite feel good song is "We're Gonna Be Alright," by Before You Exit. I love this song because it just makes me feel hopeful for the future. And in moments of panic it really soothes me.

What Is Making You the Happiest Right Now:

Reading with my puppy on my lap is my peace right now. It makes me so happy to have that stillness and her warmth on my lap!

Reading Recommendations:

The Murder of Harriet Monckton by Elizabeth Haynes and Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

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