What Happens When You Email Clay's 13 Reasons Why Address

The 13 Reasons Why character gives his email address in the series finale—and responded to a note.

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Clay Jensen can be your pen pal. Sort of.

In the series finale of 13 Reasons Why, Clay (Dylan Minnette) meets a young woman, Heidi, who is also heading to Brown. After seeing him speak at graduation, Heidi, who went to a different high school, asked him out for coffee to get to know each other before starting college. So, Clay gives her his email, a Gmail account.

It's a working email address, as of the final season's premiere date, Friday, June 5. A test email congratulating the character on his college admission and inquiring about his many conversations with ghosts throughout the series was sent Friday afternoon. A response came back several hours later. 

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Whoever is running the account wrote a specific response, no general auto reply came through:

"Hey Chris!

Thanks for writing.

Okay, first, I just want to be clear (again) on this. I don't actually SEE ghosts. I just imagine people who died, and what I would want to say to them. I mean, I'm suspecting you know that, but I get that question a lot, so I will answer it honestly.

Second, did you stay up all night and watch the show? Or are you in Europe? Anyway, hope you liked it.

Thanks for the congrats on Brown!

Hope you're safe and well," "Clay" wrote back to the test email.

The explanation of how and why the character speaks to/sees ghosts was also included in the series finale.

E! News reached out to Netflix to confirm the email address is being run by them or someone involved with the show.

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A TV show having ant easter egg line of communication isn't a new practice. Normal People, Hulu's series based on Sally Rooney's novel, featured the email address for Connell Waldron (Paul Mescal) on screen. Viewers sent him a note and got some lengthy responses.

According to THR, Hulu nor BBC had anything to do with the Normal People email.

The final season of 13 Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix.

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