Mark Hamill Brings Nurse to Tears With Heartwarming Star Wars Surprise

Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Hamill surprised a nurse on the Coronavirus frontlines who is a Star Wars superfan. Watch the heartwarming video.

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A San Diego nurse was left in tears after a heartwarming surprise from Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Hamill.

On Thursday night, the late-night host and the Star Wars actor teamed up to honor Chloé Ducos, a nurse who is on the front lines of the fight against Coronavirus. As Kimmel introduced his #HealthCareHero, he explained that Ducos works in a tent giving Coronavirus tests.

"Yeah, I've been picking boogers for a while so it's great," Ducos laughed. "It really helps with the stress with the patients because they think they're getting, like, the brain pickers, but no, I just want your boogers."

Kimmel and Ducos went on to talk about her love for Star Wars and how she's watched the movies from start to end more than 10 times. After this confession, Hamill appeared on the screen to surprise Ducos.

"Oh my God! Hi!" a shocked Ducos said as the Star Wars theme music played in the background.

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Ducos then began to tear up as Hamill told her, "The force is strong with you."

Hamill also added, "I applaud you for having seen the Star Wars movies more than I have."

"I've been reading about all you've done, six years as a nurse, teaching at night, you're in the tents," the actor said to Ducos. "I mean, that's so great, I mean to me, I'm a pretend hero, you're the real life hero. So thank you for your service."

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"I'm having palpitations and I'm crying!" Ducos said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

But that's not all Kimmel and Hammil had in store for Ducos! Take a look at the video above to see the extra special surprises Ducos received!

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