Tinashe Shares the "Incredible" Moments She's Witnessed at Black Lives Matter Protests

By Alyssa Ray Jun 04, 2020 6:07 PMTags
Watch: Tinashe's Experience at Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protests

A spirit of togetherness.

On Thursday, singer and actress Tinashe virtually stopped by Daily Pop and opened up to E!'s Erin Lim about her positive experience protesting for Black Lives Matter. As the "No Drama" artist detailed to Erin, she has been out protesting "every day" since May 29 and has seen some "incredible things."

"Just beautiful…people coming together of all different walks of life, it's not just black people, it's not just white people, it's everyone," Tinashe shared. "So many different people!"

Per the Rent: Live performer, she has also witnessed an "energy shift" as more people have gotten involved with the demonstrations.

"It's been really interesting to see firsthand the energy shift throughout the protest," she relayed. "As more and more people have been joining, the energy has gotten actually more and more hopeful, more and more together."

Tinashe highlighted this point by calling yesterday's protest "one of the most inspiring things [she's] ever been a part of." Not only were people peacefully protesting, but there were also people handing out supplies.

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"There were people handing out waters everywhere you went, and snacks and hand sanitizer and people were singing songs," Tinashe continued. "It just had such a spirit of togetherness and unity! It's been a really, really amazing thing to see firsthand."

As for what Tinashe wants for the future? She said, "Now that we have all of this energy, now that we have all this focus and attention around the cause, to shift that into really tangible change."

While the ongoing protests are mainly in response to police brutality following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, Tinashe also spoke out against performative change and support.

"Obviously, most of this is centered around police brutality and racism in the police department, so it's really important that real change is happening and not just performative change or performative support," she added. "People really want to see things happen."

Furthermore, Tinashe encouraged people to reflect on "our part in this entire whole and how we take advantage of the systems that give us privilege every day in our lives." Also, the 27-year-old singer urged viewers to call out their local government and to vote in the coming election.

"This coming election is so important," she concluded. "So, it's really important to do your research on both the people that are in power in your community, as well as really reflect within your family."

For more ways to take action and get involved, please click here.

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