Brie Bella Says She & Daniel Bryan Are "Growing Apart" In New Total Bellas Sneak Peek

By Alyssa Ray May 28, 2020 1:15 PMTags
Watch: Brie Bella Admits She "Could Be Happier" in Her Marriage

Are Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan "growing apart"?

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Total Bellas, the retired WWE superstar opens up to mom Kathy Colace and sister Nikki Bella about her marital problems. For starters, the Belle Radici co-founder laments about the lack of quality time she has with her husband (born Bryan Danielson).

"We don't have a lot of time together as a couple," Brie shares.

"You guys do live very separate lives, for sure," Nikki adds.

In fact, Brie claims she and Bryan sometimes feel "like single parents." Per Brie, when Bryan is back in town, she often has to go on the road for work.

"We're kind of growing apart. Like, we're not growing together," Birdie Danielson's mom states.

Upon hearing this, Nikki asks Brie if she and Bryan "are meant to be." For a moment, Brie is speechless and unsure of what to say.

As Brie reflects on the "quiet time" that has been lost, Nikki pushes for answers about her sister's happiness.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Love Story

"Are you happy? Is he happy?" she presses.

"Like, I know I could be happier. I know I could have a better marriage," Brie expresses.

"He definitely loves you," Kathy assures her daughter.

Nonetheless, Brie appears frustrated as she remarks on the "little comments" Bryan has made about her lack of simplicity.

"Sometimes, I feel like he wishes I was still that girl he met eight years ago," the mother of one says.


In a confessional, Brie reveals that she and her husband have recently "wanted different things" out of life. Thus, they need to figure out some "compromises" to get back on the same page.

Thankfully, the couple is planning on going to Sedona to "work on stuff."

Watch the candid conversation in the clip above!

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