Meet the Superhero Cast of Stargirl in Brand New Posters

Exclusive: Say hello to the new Justice Society and the Injustice Society with a first look at the full superhero cast of Stargirl

By Lauren Piester May 26, 2020 10:00 PMTags

There's a new generation of superheroes in town. 

Stargirl premiered last week on DC Universe and The CW and introduced us to the DC TV world's newest hero: Stargirl, AKA Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), a high school sophomore who discovers a powerful weapon thanks to her stepdad Pat (Luke Wilson), who used to be the sidekick of the superhero Starman, until Starman was killed by the Injustice Society. 

Now, Stargirl gets to lead her own team of superheroes, most of whom have yet to make their debut on the new series. Before they officially join the new Justice Society of America, get a little sneak peek of the heroes and a couple of villains in the exclusive posters below! 

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This week's episode offers some backstory for Pat, Starman, and their history with the Injustice Society, including the villain Brainwave (Christopher James Baker). 

Find out what it's like to be the one and only Stargirl in our interview with Brec Bassinger!  

Stargirl / Courtney Whitmore

A high school sophomore who finds a powerful weapon, the Cosmic Staff, thanks to her stepdad, the former sidekick to the superhero Starman. She becomes a hero who leads a new generation of superheroes called the new Justice Society of America. Played by Brec Bassinger.

S.T.R.I.P.E. / Pat Dugan

Courtney's stepdad and former sidekick to Starman. He's a mechanic with a giant robot. Played by Luke Wilson. 

Barbara Dugan

Courtney's mom and Pat's wife who is striving to balance her work and home life. Played by Amy Smart. 

Hourman / Rick Tyler

A high school delinquent who was orphaned at seven, he becomes one of Courtney's friends. Played by Cameron Gellman. 

Wildcat / Yolanda Montez

A formerly popular kid at school who became an outcast after a scandal, she becomes one of Courtney's friends in the new Justice Society. Played by Yvette Montreal.

Brainwave / Henry King Sr.

A member of the Injustice Society with psionic abilities. Played by Christopher James Baker. 

Doctor Mid-Nite / Beth Chapel

A social reject and nerd who joins Courtney's crew as the new Doctor Mid-Nite. Played by Anjelika Washington. 

Icicle / Jordan Mahkent

An astute business man with cryokinesis powers, and a member of the Injustice Society. Played by Neil Jackson. 

Stargirl airs Mondays on DC Universe, then Tuesdays on The CW.

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