Blake Lively Has the Best Response to Fan's Underwear Photo of Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively has the best sense of humor after a fan shares a shocking photo of Ryan Reynolds in his briefs. See the hilarious exchange on Instagram.

By Mike Vulpo May 26, 2020 6:15 PMTags
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We see London, we see France, we totally see Ryan Reynolds' underpants. 

Digital satire artist Ronald McDonkey has never shied away from getting a little creative with our favorite celebrities.

But on Tuesday morning, the artist decided to have some innocent fun at Ryan's expense. And spoiler alert: Blake Lively loved it. 

In an Instagram post going viral, Ronald photoshopped Ryan's face onto a man who was posing in a Walmart. Oh, and did we mention the individual in question was wearing patriotic briefs and a "Fun" t-shirt that is just a few sizes too small. So what was Blake's response? 

"Please stop stealing my personal photos," the Gossip Girl star shared in the comments section. LOL!  

While we eagerly wait for an epic response from Ryan, we can't help but point out that Ronald did something similar with A-listers Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. And those are available on T-shirts!


Celeb Underwear Ads

Internet photos aside, both Blake and Ryan are trying to find the funny during social distancing.

Whether it's Blake poking fun at her husband's new hairstyle or Ryan missing his "secret family," this couple is trying to stay positive amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, they are also paying it forward in more ways than one.

Ryan recently delivered a virtual commencement address to the Kitsilano Secondary School's Class of 2020 where he shared his wisdom.

"If I can pass on this one little chestnut of wisdom, it's something that you might want to start if you're not already doing it. Totally up to you, no pressure but one thing that's worked for me is practicing some form of compassion every day whether its' for yourself or someone, especially for someone else, is good," he shared. 

The Deadpool star continued, "You've heard the expression ‘divide and conquer,"'you see it everywhere and dividing people is just a means to distract them, disarm them, whereby giving one an opportunity to conquer, and the world seems to subsist on this idea more and more and more. And it's getting really f--king boring. It's just overdone and I think that you guys want to be stylish and ahead of the curve. And I believe that your generation will be. So maybe practice the opposite, practice empathy."

Back in March, the couple also donated $400,000 to New York Hospitals and $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Bravo you two!

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