Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Surprise Their Mom Nancy With a Delicious Birthday Treat

Jimmy Fallon and his daughters Winnie and Franny pulled off the sweetest surprise for his wife Nancy Juvonen's birthday on The Tonight Show. Watch it all unfold here.

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We have a birthday in the Fallon house

During Monday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon pulled off the sweetest surprise for his wife Nancy Juvonen's birthday with the help of their adorable daughters Winnie, 6, and Franny, 5.

For their on-air celebration, the trio decorated the kitchen and each carried out a special task. Winnie was on card duty and showed off the birthday card that she had made for her mom while Franny went to tell Nancy to meet them in the kitchen. Going over the plan one more time, Jimmy asked his eldest daughter, "Winnie, are you gonna sing? Alright, is Franny gonna hold the cake?" After carrying out her part of the surprise, Franny got into position as the birthday girl entered the room and they began singing "Happy Birthday." 

"You guys…What?!" Nancy raved before realizing that their birthday surprise would be on the show. "In trouble," she joked to Jimmy. Thanking her daughters for their hard work, Nancy sang along to the classic tune and said, "I love this so much."

Jimmy Fallon's Kids on The Tonight Show

Eager to celebrate, the girls got a little too excited and proceeded to blow out the candles before their mom got the chance. "We have to do some wishes," Nancy said as she tried to blow out the last candle. "Okay, got one in." Then, Jimmy exclaimed, "Happy birthday! We love you so much!"

Still thrilled by their surprise, the Saturday Night Live alum gave Nancy a heartwarming shout-out during his monologue. "It's a special day here because it's my wife's birthday," he cheered. "The producer, camera operator, location scouter, editor…We love you, honey. And I know you don't like surprises." 

Assuring his longtime love that there was more birthday fun to be had, he added, "Oh, yeah. Don't worry about it. You'll get another cake later on, too. But I won't tape that one." 

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Before diving into the show, Jimmy showed Nancy the gift that his father had given her, which was a case of her favorite brand of olives. "The best gift," she said. "No, stop it. Oh, my God! Graber Olives. Best tradition in the world."

Nancy also received a present from The Challenge's Johnny Bananas, who wished her a happy birthday with a video message. Over the moon by the gesture, Jimmy said that his superfan wife was "geeking out" by his shout-out.

Watch the Fallons pull off their birthday surprise for Nancy in the sweet video above!

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