Turkish Soccer Player Admits to Killing His 5-year-old Son: Report

Turkish soccer star Cevher Toktas recently confessed to killing his 5-year-old son, multiple outlets report.

By Alyssa Morin May 16, 2020 5:18 PMTags
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Turkish soccer player Cevher Toktas recently made a shocking confession.

According to multiple reports, the 32-year-old athlete confessed to killing his 5-year-old son Kasim.

Toktas was arrested after he admitted to the killing of his toddler, which allegedly occurred while his son was being treated in a hospital due to suffering from Coronavirus symptoms.

It was reported the 5-year-old ended up testing negative for COVID-19.

CBS Sports reports the soccer player confessed to smothering his son with a pillow and allegedly turned himself in on May 4—which took place 11 days after the incident happened.

However, Toktas originally tried to blame his son's death on COVID-19, multiple outlets report. He allegedly called doctors shortly after his son's passing, and claimed his son's symptoms had gotten worse. At the time, Kasim was taken to the hospital's intensive care unit but he died hours later.

According to a Spanish publication, the soccer player shared his reasonings for killing his son—and even admitted to not loving his 5-year-old.

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"I held a pillow to his head and held it with force for 15 minutes without stopping. My son struggled for a while and when he stopped I removed the pillow," the 32-year-old allegedly recalled to authorities, according to the Spanish outlet.

He added, "I then called the doctors so as they would not be suspicious."

The soccer player allegedly told authorities, "I never loved him, even when he was born, and I can't state why, I have no mental issues."

According to the Spanish outlet, Toktas will be tried for murder and faces a life sentence. Moreover, Turkish authorities have allegedly ordered the 5-year-old boy's body be exhumed for further examination.

Toktas is known for playing with the team Bursa Yildirimspor.

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