Congratulations Class of 2020: You did it!

For high school and college seniors, their final months of class were dramatically changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Proms were canceled, finals were taken in childhood bedrooms and a formal graduation ceremony was either postponed, streamed online or straight up cancelled.

But as thousands of hard working students look back on their school experience, they are still finding ways to celebrate all of their accomplishments.

Whether it's filming mock graduation ceremonies, participating in creative photo shoots or celebrating with family, the Class of 2020 certainly won't let a pandemic ruin their celebrations. 

And in the weeks to come, Hollywood will be stepping up to celebrate the graduating class. On Saturday night, stars like LeBron James, the Jonas Brothers and former President Barack Obama will participate in the TV special Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020.

Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks and many more are also honoring this special group of students who will have quite the story to tell. 

Until then, take a look below at just some of the many special graduating seniors who await an exciting new chapter of life. 

The best is yet to come, grads! 

Class of 2020 Graduation, Keosha Peoples

RayVanz Vizualz and Instagram @_K.Tiarra

Class of 2020 Graduates, Daisha Pickens, Darryl Holmes

Kingpin Visualz and Twitter @DaishaLashay

Class of 2020 Graduates, Jamie Margolin

Twitter @Jamie_Margolin

Class of 2020 Graduation, Dylan Mazzarella

Instagram @dylanmazzarella

Class of 2020 Graduation, Sami Herzog

Peyton Herzog

Class of 2020 Graduates, Claire Crafts

Instagram @ClaireCrafts

Class of 2020 Graduation, Rollie Woodward

Jennifer Woodward

Class of 2020 Graduates, Kiana Jackson

Instagram @lex_shoots

Class of 2020 Graduates, Sergio Razo

Elizabeth Razo

Class of 2020 Graduates, Caeden King

Instagram @priscilavalentina_photography

Class of 2020 Graduates, Alexis Horne

Twitter @alexis_reneaa

Class of 2020 Graduates, Josh Mastropaolo

Josh Mastropaolo

Class of 2020 Graduation, Shonte Miller

Gleason Thompson Jr./Twitter @G1EAS

Class of 2020 Graduates, Hamdi Said

Twitter @dunia_aliyo

Class of 2020 Graduates, Janesca William

Janesca William

Class of 2020 Graduates, Alma Harrison

Twitter @AliHarris0n

Class of 2020 Graduation, Colleen Busby

Instagram @Colleenbusbyyy

Class of 2020 Graduates, Naomi Hyman, Sophie Comeau

Instagram @Naomisara97 and @S.Comeau

Class of 2020 Graduation, Nicole Ramirez

Instagram @NicoleandSteph

Class of 2020 Graduation, Gavin Kertzner

Instagram @LittleMissParty

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