Hailey Bieber Says Starting Birth Control Caused Her Adult Onset Acne

Hailey Bieber opened up about her past acne struggles with Justin Bieber during their Facebook Watch series, noting that birth control contributed to her breakouts. Get all of the details here.

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Hailey Bieber is getting candid about acne.

On Wednesday, the model opened up about her skincare journey during an episode of her and Justin Bieber's Facebook Watch series The Biebers on Watch. While treating the "Yummy" singer to an at-home facial, she explained that she noticed a negative change in her complexion when she started birth control.  

"Actually, within the last year, I started getting a little bit of, like, onset adult acne too from my IUD because I'd never been on birth control before, so my hormones were a little out of balance," Hailey recalled. "But for me, my spot was my forehead…it would be, like, a little pattern."

Earlier in the episode, the model admitted that she had been genetically blessed with a clear complexion and shared that her new skincare woes threw her for a loop. "I hid it really well. Like you said, because when you're used to having good skin, the smallest little thing feels bad, like, the end of the world," she continued, adding, "And I'd never experienced acne like that, or pimples like that, before."

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She then credited taking Spironolactone, a popular acne medication, with getting her skin and hormones back on track.

Still on the topic of skin, Justin opened up about his own struggles with acne. "I always thought—when I was starting to get acne a little bit ago—I would breakout if I got super stressed but it would never stay," he shared. "But now it's like, you now, like, so cystic and it's, like, bubbly and it won't go away."

"I mean, it definitely bugs me. I wear a hat a lot more, which then probably makes it worse but I mean who likes acne? It's the worst," Justin continued. "It's the worst for your self-confidence because, like, you know, especially because all of these filters on Instagram, you know, people are like looking perfect with their skin and you feel like that's reality. But in reality, a lot of people probably have bad skin."


Proud of the couple for their transparency on the subject matter, Justin added, "So, this is why it's good to do stuff like this to show people that, you know, people struggle with their skin, you're not alone and we're in this together."

Skincare is a popular topic of conversation on The Biebers on Watch. Last week, the "Baby" singer shared some of the ways that his wifey has helped him maintain a blemish-free complexion while they continue to practice social distancing, telling viewers, "She's been pickin' and prodding at my skin. She pops them. She puts, like, serum and does, like, masks for me."

As for the skincare routine that Hailey follows, she shared, "I stay on a really strict regimen. There's never a time I go to sleep without washing my face. I never sleep with makeup on ever," noting that she also drinks lots of water.

Grateful for Hailey's skincare expertise, Justin gushed, "You've already helped me with my self-confidence even just getting my skin to the way it is now."

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