Tyler Cameron Honors His Mom On First Mother's Day Without Her

Tyler Cameron is honoring his late mother Andrea Cameron on the first Mother's Day since her death.

By Pamela Avila May 11, 2020 12:09 AMTags

While Mother's Day is a celebration for many, it can also be a bittersweet day for others. 

On Sunday, Tyler Cameron shared a throwback pic of him and his late mother Andrea Cameron paying tribute to her on the first Mother's Day since her death. 

"Always had my back. Still do," the Bachelor star wrote on Instagram

In late February, Tyler and his two brothers faced the tragic loss of their mother who died from a brain aneurysm at 55-years-old. Since the death of their mother, Tyler has been open about how it's transformed his life and has also continued to keep her legacy alive.

Two weeks after her death, the Bachelor Nation star shared his mother's "final gift here on this Earth" and brought awareness to an important cause. 

"What you are watching is our family saying our final goodbyes to our mother. We did the walk of honor with her as she proceeded to the OR to have surgery to donate her organs, so she could give her final gift here on this earth, more life," Tyler shared on Instagram with video from Jupiter Medical Center. "I had a hard time deciding if I should share these final moments with her for the world to see."

Tyler Cameron "Distraught" Over His Mom's Sudden Death

He added, "I also thought that if I could share this video with y'all, that it could possibly get others to say yes to donating there organs and that's what my momma would have wanted."

On Friday, Tyler shared with E! News the reason why he wasn't ready to get back into the dating game yet

Right now, Tyler's main priority is his family. "My main goal right now is focusing on my little brothers, taking care of them and getting them where they need to be. I know I'll be able to get through all this, but my youngest brother… He's 20-years-old," he said. "He's a baby."

"I need to make myself happy," he added. "I need to take care of myself, take care of my brothers and then once I feel like I'm in a [good] place hopefully I can find someone that can make help me happy and I can help make them happy."

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