Pete Davidson Says a Stranger Showed Up at His Mom's House With an Unexpected Delivery

Pete Davidson recently had an unexpected visitor show up at his doorstep. The Saturday Night Live star told the whole story on The Tonight Show

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Pete Davidson recently had an unexpected visitor show up at his doorstep.

The 26-year-old Saturday Night Live star told the whole story on Thursday's at-home edition of The Tonight Show.

Last week, Davidson and Judd Apatow posted a video on Instagram to promote their new movie The King of Staten Island. At the beginning of the video, Davidson told viewers he quit drugs. He then had a total stranger pay a visit to his mom's house, where he's been social distancing.

"Me and Judd released this video to try and get it out there that the movie's coming out, and I mentioned that I wasn't doing drugs, that I was trying not to," Davidson told Jimmy Fallon via video chat. "And then, literally three hours later, a lady rang my doorbell with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mom and said, 'I heard your son needs this.'" 

In a separate video with Apatow, Davidson told the 52-year-old filmmaker "it was a couple weeks' worth." However, he said he didn't keep the delivery.

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In addition to recalling the incident, Davidson told the story of how he met Apatow.

"When we were doing Trainwreck, I asked Amy Schumer, 'Who's funny, like who should I know?'" Apatow, who was also a virtual guest on The Tonight Show, said. "She said the funniest person is this 20-year-old kid Pete Davidson. So, we put him in Trainwreck. He has one line just 'cause we wanted him to be like our Richard Dreyfuss in The Graduate. Like, 'Look, we knew he was funny before anyone else.' So, he had this one brief scene with Bill Hader." 

Davidson said he met the SNL alum and was on the set for "maybe 12 minutes."

"Then, about, like, a day later Bill Hader called me and he goes, 'I recommended you to Lorne Michaels.' And I was like, 'Why?' I have no idea. I barely had any interaction with him," he said. "And then I got the show [SNL]. So, I blame that and everything else that's happened to me since on Bill Hader."

Davidson and Apatow also talked about the making of The King of Staten Island, which is available on demand June 12. Davidson said the film is "all fake but it's also pretty much true."

"It's pretty much, like, my life if I didn't find comedy. Like, my dad passes away in it and my mom's a nurse," Davidson said. "We really just wanted to make a movie about it. It just shows, you know, how it hurts this family and we wanted to show how, you know, wonderful all these firemen and nurses are and I think we did that."

Davidson's father, Scott Davidson, served as a New York City firefighter and died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Watch the video to see the interview.

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