14 Super Cute Headbands for Those Last-Minute Video Calls

Spruce up your next on-camera meeting with one of these glam bands.

By Carly Milne May 07, 2020 8:15 PMTags
EComm: 13 Super Cute Headbands for Those Last-Minute Video Calls

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Chances are, you've found yourself in some manner of video meeting over the past month (or a Zoom happy hour, hello!). And chances are, you've thought of what top to wear, or how to do your makeup, maybe how to style your hair... but have you considered adding a cute headband to your look?

Whether the answer is "yes" or "no," we went and rounded up some of our faves to help you look fab for your next video call. There's glam ones, styles that are simple but edgy, and even a few over-the-top looks for you dramatic types (no judgment!). Whatever your headband flavor, there's an option for you.

Check out some of our faves below, and shop before your next meeting starts!

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Prim Meets Punk Headband

This padded, high-rise leather headband mixes the best of both worlds: your sweet side of pushing your hair off your face, and your bad-ass, black leather-wearing side.

Lola Embellished Headband

Dazzle 'em with this durable metal headband crafted with gems that are made of plastic (can you believe it?). The "gems" alternate between dark and light blue, but if you're not a fan of the color, you can also choose from white, mint green, rose pink and more.

Chain Mail Headband

If you want a little glimmer without going full gemstone, this chainmail headband is an option. It's got just enough shine for a little glint of interest, and comes in both gold and silver.

Leaf an Impression Knotted Headband

With just the right mix of class and sass, this headband says "I'm businessy" thanks to its black background and knotted top, while the colorful leaves say, "But I'm also fun."

Cady Shimmer Twist Headband

Imagine wearing this headband with your hair in a bun, little wisps coming out the side... wouldn't that be cute? Plus, it's soft and squishy (so less chance of headband headaches), and comes in four fab colors.

Eugenia Kim Cora Headband

This is probably as close as you can get to wearing a crown on a Zoom call and get away with it. With silvery sequins coated in an iridescent sheen over a padded band, you'll definitely turn some heads.

Jackson Double Headband

They say two is better than one, and we can't imagine that doesn't apply to headbands, too. But instead of wearing two at once, just get this headband with two bands in one, accented with shimmery pink stones. (There are other color options available if that's not your jam.)

On Top of It Satin Headband Set

Here's another option for those who want a little shimmer and shine without going full-on glam. Made of sleek and shiny satin, this headband looks like you just effortlessly knotted a scarf in your hair... but only you know the truth.

Ingrid Pearl Headband

Now here's a statement-making headband that's totally in line with all the trends. It's padded, it's satiny, it sports oversized pearls... what more could you want (aside from the pearls being real, of course)? You can also grab it in other colors including blue, green and pink.

Eugenia Kim Astrid Headband

Remember the salad days of '09, when this headband probably would've popped up on Gossip Girl? Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and slip this on for your next meeting, either leaving your hair loose and wild, or pulling it into a chignon to really drive home the impact of that pink floof.

Maia Embellished Headband

The color of this beaded headband is called "Kelly," which suggests to us that they think it's green... but it looks turquoise to us. Either way, it's a stunning creation. The brand, Llani, was founded by Alana Oates, who worked for Anthropologie's shoe team... so you know she's got style. Plus, her entire line is inspired by the unique things she finds in Indian markets.

Anna Sui Cherries Print Headband

We're heading into summer, which is officially Cherry Print Season. So why not make it work on a headband? This one does a fantastic job of offering this chic seasonal print in an understated yet eye-catching way, but it's okay if you want to go all out and wear it with your cherry print top, too.

Scünci Woven Headband

Also a hot summer look? Raffia. Usually you see it in hats, shoes and bags, but we like it on this headband for a new take on an old classic. Plus, it's neutral so it'll go with pretty much anything you own. 

June Headband

If all else fails, just wear a tiara.

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