How Mark Consuelos Tried—and Failed—to "Catch" Kelly Ripa Cheating

In a new book celebrating long lasting relationships, Mark Consuelos shares the story of trying to “catch” Kelly Ripa cheating.

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We're not a love doctor, but here's a reminder that communication is key in relationships. 

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are one of Hollywood's most successful—and beloved—couples in the public eye. 

But in a new book called What Makes a Marriage Last, the couple decided to share a story that is too good not to repeat. 

"After we were married, I was doing a show in Boston, and I couldn't get a hold of her all day," Mark wrote in the excerpt obtained by Cosmopolitan. "We didn't have cell phones then. I got a really bad feeling. So I got on a flight to New York and called her from the plane and asked her what she was doing that night."

While Kelly told her man that she was busy all day cleaning the toilets, Mark had his doubts. What came next was a twist that deserves some popcorn.

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"Apparently, he thought that sounded very fishy. He wanted to catch me. So he gets home and tells the doorman to call up to the apartment and tell me there's a flower delivery," Kelly recalled. "I'm excited because I'm thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, he's sending me flowers!' Meanwhile, I have a johnny mop in one hand, and I'm wearing a bathrobe."

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The LIVE With Kelly and Ryan co-host continued, "So I open the door, and it's him. He comes in—he doesn't even say hello. He's looking for something. I'm still looking for the flower guy! And he's sweeping the scene!" 

If you didn't already guess, Mark didn't find anyone and Kelly wasn't cheating.

Also, is anyone else being reminded of Ryan Seacrest's popular "Ryan's Roses" segment on iHeartRadio right about now?

All jokes aside, Mark regrets his actions and says jealously "feels horrible and you know you're wrong." Fortunately, these two lovebirds are stronger than ever.

For more stories from 40 celebrated couples, read Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue's new book called What Makes a Marriage Last available now. 

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