Soccer Player Hiannick Kamba Is Alive 4 Years After Being Reported Dead

Hiannick Kamba is making headline four years after he was believed to be dead.

By Samantha Schnurr May 06, 2020 9:29 PMTags
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A soccer player who supposedly died four years ago is making headlines this week—because he's reportedly alive. 

Hiannick Kamba has returned to Germany after being reported to have died in an alleged car crash in his native Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2016, People reported. 

Prosecutor Anette Milk tells E! News, "There is no reasonable doubt that the person who recently came back to Germany is Mr Kamba himself. He approached the German embassy in Kinshasa in 2018. He told them that in early 2016 he was travelling the inner parts of Congo, when one morning he found himself abandoned by his travel mates and been stripped of money, papers, phone et cetera. His identity has thoroughly been scrutinized before he was allowed to re-enter Germany."

"We are conducting an investigation into fraud against his wife, who took the benefits of a life insurance, after providing documents from Congolese authorities confirming Kamba died in a car accident," the prosecutor shares. "She is denying charges. Mr. Kamba has the status of a witness."

According to PeopleBild reported that he returned to his job as a chemical technician for an energy supply company in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 

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Kamba's wife has allegedly been accused of fraudulently forging a death certificate and other documents, Bild reported, per People.

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Milk told the magazine that his wife allegedly collected "a low seven-digit amount (in euros)" from a life insurance policy. The car crash he was purported to have died in is alleged to have been staged. 

Per Bild, according to People, the former athlete, who played for FC Schalke, allegedly told investigators that in January 2016 while on a trip in the Congo, his "companions" took his papers, money and phone and left him during the night.

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