Why Celebs Are Obsessed With Theragun—and You Will Be Too

Welcome to the world of percussive therapy. Your muscles will never be the same.

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If you've been following celeb health and wellness practices, chances are you've seen the name Theragun pop up a lot. And there's a reason why: it's a truly amazing percussive therapy device that melts the tension right out of your muscles.

Since its inception, Theragun has won a devoted and loyal fanbase in Hollywood, and beyond. Gal Gadot sang its praises as part of her workout recovery protocol. Jamie Lynn Sigler shared how she uses it for her MS. Chris Hemsworth talked about how he keeps one in his backpack to work out kinks in his muscles throughout the day. Shanina Shaik, Christiano Ronaldo and Rob Gronkowski have also touted its use. And the more celebs talk about it, the more people want to know if the hype is real. Not only is it real, it's evolving into a whole new lifestyle.

"Every product we release has broken through barriers," says Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. "The first products made a lot of sense for athletes to use on the sidelines or in the gym, and that's where I think people got the impression it was just for athletes. But as we have gotten stronger with our protocols and the science, and as our products have become more sophisticated it has really opened doors for us."

So much so that Dr. Wersland felt that Theragun should be available in a variety of environments beyond a doctor's office, like at spas. And with their new product line, that plan may come to fruition. Theragun the company has now rebranded as Therabody, offering the percussive therapy devices they've become known for along with a new organic line of CBD products including lotions, massage oils, and balms to help soothe tired, sore and aching muscles.

And with the expansion of the line, Dr. Wersland's visions of Therabody's accessibility have grown, too. "These should be in a Delta Crown room and should be able to be used in an airplane," he says enthusiastically. "Women should use this when getting their nails or feet done! They are powerful, lightweight and quiet, which is a progression over the years. The holy grail to me has been to make a quiet product that I can give to my Mom to use in the house that wouldn't bring the house down."

Ultimately, that's what Dr. Wersland's goal is: for everyone to experience the benefits of a Theragun, whether it's a young gymnast just starting out, women who are postpartum and dealing with aches and pains after childbirth, pro athletes and body builders, office workers with shoulder tightness, and everyone in between. As he puts it, "Theragun's most basic fundamental purpose is to release tension, and we all have that."

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It's this mindset that led to the company's launch of four new percussive therapy devices. The first thing you should know? They're quiet.

"The noise has been a constant battle for us," says Dr. Wersland. "With this new series, we made a brushless, magnet-driven motor. Because it's driven by magnets and not gears grinding on each other, it hums. And the harder the magnets are pushed together, the more power you create. When you drive it into your body, the motor revs up to meet that force so now you don't have the lag. The motor is quieter, the products are lighter and just a little bit smaller."

The new percussive line features the Pro, Elite, Prime and Mini. "The Mini fits in your purse and is strong, powerful and quiet," Dr. Wersland notes. "I was using it at the Dallas airport and no one knew what was I doing. I did it on the plane and did my hip-flexors and you couldn't hear it!" Both the Pro and Elite models feature Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect the device to an app, and the app communicates with the screen on the device. The app also collects data on your steps throughout the day and your heart rate via any complementary health app you may be using, which then informs your Theragun to build a special protocol for you, and runs the device from your phone.

"What's cool and practical about that is, if you just got back from a run and it's the first one, two, three times you use the product, the product on the app will guide you through the muscles to use from your run: how long to use it there, how much pressure to apply, what frequency you need to use it at, what attachment to use," Dr. Wersland explains. "It really is the next step for us as a tech-wellness company to incorporate this new, really intelligent, useful technology and apply it to these wellness products we have. We have so many people across the world who use our products, but a lot of their questions are like, 'My feet hurt or my knees hurt from a run, what do I do?' Now we have those protocols accessible to them."

Which brings us back to that original goal of getting a Theragun into the hands of everyone who needs one. But there's something else Dr. Wersland wants you to know: if you're intimidated by it, you really should just try it.

"For us, getting people under the gun really convinces them of what this is. There's nothing on the planet that makes you feel this way, and there's something about what this does," says Dr. Wersland. "I had a cerebral palsy patient wheel up to me at the Crossfit games. She had her legs strapped to her wheelchair because if she took them off, her knees would extend and rise up because her quads were so tight. It was the first time I'd worked on anyone with cerebral palsy, so I said, 'I'm going to let you do this, and I'm going to show you what to do.' By the time she was done, she had tears in her eyes and said she had never experienced relief like this, but she was really apprehensive because her legs were sore and even the touch was sometimes too much. She's now a spokesperson for us.

"I've experienced that so many times," he continues. "But I say that if you're apprehensive, just try it."

If you'd like to try a Theragun for yourself, shop the new line below!

Theragun Pro

With a rotating arm, ergonomic multi-grip, super quiet motor, smart app integration, 300 minutes of battery life and more, this professional-grade device helps you reach 60% deeper into your muscle (at 40x per second) than an average massager. It also offers five built-in speeds, and an option to customize the speed to your liking. Plus, you get six attachments to really work your muscles over.


Theragun Elite

A step down from the Pro, this device offers an ergonomic grip, the same quiet motor, smart app integration, 120 minutes of battery life and more, with options for a customizable speed range and three pre-set treatments you can use without connecting the device to your phone. It also integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health for custom treatments.

Theragun Prime

If you don't need all the bells and whistles of the Pro and the Elite, the Prime is the choice for you. It takes everything down to basics by giving you the essential features, like the quiet motor, four attachments, smart app integration, customizable speed and other standard features. But fret not, it'll still work the knots out of your muscles with precision and ease.

Theragun Mini

Blast tension out of your body on the go (or stash one in your desk once you get back to the office)! Compact and portable with three speeds, 150 minutes of battery life and that same super-quiet motor, it'll fit in your purse, backpack, or even a jacket pocket, and will work your muscles like magic.

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