Watch Jimmy Fallon and Vince Vaughn's Interview Get Interrupted By Their "Inner Thoughts"

Jimmy Fallon couldn't silence his "inner thoughts" during his interview with Vince Vaughn on The Tonight Show, which made for a hilarious moment.

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It's just one of those days for Jimmy Fallon.

On Thursday night's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the late night host was interrupted by his "inner thoughts" as he virtually caught up with Vince Vaughn.

"Jimmy, are you okay?" the Wedding Crashers star asked, noticing that Jimmy seemed a little down in the dumps. As Vince tried to console him, his inner thoughts took over. "Too much time," he thought out loud. "It is a lot of time, but also, no time at all. I guess that's just how time is. Sometimes, it feels like it goes on forever and then suddenly, it's over."

Remembering that Vince was still giving him advice, Jimmy's train of thought continued, "I don't even know how long Vince has been talking. Oh, crap. Vince!" Trying his best to join in on the conversation, Jimmy chimed in, "Yeah, it's true. I mean, dude, hundo p, my man." Thrilled that they were on the same page, Vince said, "Otherwise it's just trucks and apples in the end, am I right?"

Jimmy Fallon's Kids on The Tonight Show

Confused, Jimmy's inner thoughts took over again. "Trucks and apples?" he questioned to himself. "What the hell did I miss? Get it together, Jimmy. Are trucks like the country, and apples are the people. Or is the country a thing we're in, or are the apples the people?" 

Realizing that the Saturday Night Live alum wasn't paying attention, Vince interjected: "Jimmy, are you listening?" Playing it cool, Jimmy responded, "Yeah, totally. So hard…" As Jimmy continued, the True Detective star's inner thoughts took center stage.

"I crafted a dense and brilliant metaphor about the state of our country and he wasn't even listening," Vince thought to himself. "Eh, maybe it wasn't that brilliant. Maybe trucks aren't the Internet at all. And the apples are oranges. Is this how I always talk? I need to listen to myself. Now, I'm not listening to either of us?"

Noticing that he wasn't tuned into what Jimmy was rambling about, Vince did his best to convince him that he was paying attention. "Yeah, I completely agree with 12, for sure," he told the dad of two. Little did he know, Jimmy was talking about Oreos. Then, their inner thoughts became their dialogue. 

"He said something hilarious and brilliant and I was off thinking about—what was I even thinking about?" Vince thought to himself, to which Jimmy internally responded, "Trust me, it wasn't that brilliant. I was in my head worried about what you were thinking of me."

Watch Jimmy and Vince's hilarious inner thoughts play out in the video above!

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