Kristin Cavallari Suspects Jay Cutler Is "Hiding" Money as Divorce Turns Contentious: Source

A source close to Kristin Cavallari tells E! News she believes husband Jay Cutler is "hiding" money from her with the help of their business managers, as their divorce continues to unfold

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Things continue to heat up in the divorce between Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

A source close to the Uncommon James owner tells E! News Kristin now suspects her husband is "hiding" some of the money he receives from his NFL pension. While the insider cannot explain her suspicions, they explain she's weary of Jay's supposed close ties to their financial team. "Jay and Kristin have shared the same business managers for years, but the managers are long-time friends of Jay's which is proving problematic in the divorce, obviously," the source shares. "Part of the problem is that Kristin believes Jay is trying to hide certain assets from her."

This potential conflict of interest is hinted at in court documents Kristin's legal team filed on Thursday. In the documents obtained by E! News, Kristin claims Jay was made aware of an email between her and their financial manager, despite not including him in the list of correspondents. She believes that it came into his possession in one of two ways: Their financial manager either "provided the email to Husband without Wife's knowledge or consent," or Jay "hacked into Wife's password protected email account."

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If the second scenario proves true, she says this email is inadmissible in court.

Later Thursday afternoon, Jay filed his own response in which he requests Kristin's allegations be striked from the record as she included "immaterial, impertinent and scandalous matters that are alleged against Husband with no basis in fact or law." He also attached the debated email from the financial manager, who claims Kristin "left out" advice warning her to not move ahead with her purchase.


Furthermore, Jay confirmed that their business managers are "persons who have known Mr. Cutler for a long period of time" and that they did manage his finances prior to their marriage.

This is just the latest development in the divorce between the two reality stars. On Wednesday, a fierce legal battle ignited when Kristin accused Jay of preventing her purchase of a home for her and their three children. She alleged he is doing so a form of retaliation since she didn't agree to his proposed parenting plan that was "unfavorable" for her.

She claimed that this action is "typical of Husband's behavior towards Wife" and that he frequently tries to belittle her. 

Her legal representatives stated she wishes to move out because, "Wife fears that if the parties are required to remain in the same residence, it would be an unhealthy environment, causing irreparable harm to their minor children."

E! News has reached out to their reps for comment. 

—Additional reporting by Jessica Finn

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