Attention parents and students: Teachers are always watching!

For many Americans, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in wearing a lot more sweats, slippers and pajamas all day long. But for Nikita star Devon Sawa, he can't help but sometimes go pantless.

On Thursday morning, Devon's son was trying to participate in his school's distant learning when an awkward moment occurred.

How awkward? We'll let you decide based on the Twitter post.

"My son's teacher via zoom,' Devon shared on social media. ‘'Hudson, can you tell your daddy to put some pants on. We can see him in the background.'" Busted!

For those asking for a photo or have any and all follow-up questions—did the students laugh? Was daddy embarrassed? Is there a lesson here?—you're out of luck. But the hilarious, innocent moment is likely something so many parents can relate to as they continue adjusting to work and school from home.

In recent weeks, Devon has kept his fans and followers updated on his family's life during self-quarantine.

Devon Sawa, Dawni Sawa

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for

In fact, he's shared some special moments with his kids as they spend even more time together. For example, Devon's son recently had a great experience during a neighborhood walk.

"A police officer slowed his car down yesterday to talk to my son(safe dis). Asked him how he was doing, whether he loves Spider-Man what his favorite movie was, stuff like that," the actor shared. "My son smiled the whole time. Just an officer taking a min from all this craziness to make a kid smile."

And once inside, Devon has experienced everything from Disney movies with his daughter to some boxing lessons with his son.

"These people out protesting to open the country just want actors back to work, I know," Devon shared on social media. "But I assure you we are at home honing our craft and we'll come out stronger than ever. So please stop worrying about us and stay at home. Actors will be fine."

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