Let Chris Cuomo's Sweetest Family Photos Inspire You to "Get After It"

Chris Cuomo and wife Cristina are keeping their spirits up by spending plenty of quality time with their three kids. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

By Cydney Contreras Apr 22, 2020 9:03 PMTags

Chris Cuomo and his family are proving that together they can get through anything.

In the past month, the Cuomo household has gone through one coronavirus diagnosis after another. The newscaster was the first one to come down with the new virus, before his wife Cristina and 14-year-old son Mario contracted it as well.

But throughout the ordeal, the Cuomos have stayed strong and continue to post uplifting messages for their numerous followers. While Chris remains dedicated to his role as an anchor for CNN, his wife, a health fanatic, has been updating her fans with the many remedies that she's discovered. 

Among those remedies Cristina has shared is having her kids and husband by her side, at least in the metaphorical sense since they're abiding by the recommended 6-foot distance. "Keeping one's spirits up is paramount; when you have any kind of a virus your will goes down. This is a virus of isolation, so one of the best remedies for any illness is simply [heart emoji] and humor," Cristina shared. "Thanks to the friends who have been religious in their efforts to make him smile. Laughter is always the best medicine."

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To see how this family continues to keep their spirits up, check out the gallery below!

Three Amigos

Cristina shared on Instagram that the virus forced their three kids, Bella, Mario and Carolina to grow up "overnight."

Mommy and Me

The family affectionately calls the baby of the family "Cha Cha," a fitting name as she loves to dance for her mom's followers.

Say Cheese

Though Chris puts up a hard exterior on his CNN news show, he's a real softie with his kids.

My Little Sunshine

On Instagram, Cristina wrote, "Every day is a gift."

Sister, Sister

Though Bella and Carolina are many years apart in age, the two sisters are like two peas in a pod, often singing together or dancing on Bella's social media. 

Daddy's Girl

When the newscaster was in quarantine from the rest of the family, he shared the difficulty of being away from his kids but once he was given the all clear his first action was reuniting with the family. 

Better Together

With three of the five Cuomo family members infected with the coronavirus, physical contact has been kept to a minimum, but Cristina "can't wait" to hug her kids again.

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