Can Drs. Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow Fix This Patient's "Incredibly Messed Up" Boob Job on Botched?

By Allison Crist Apr 20, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Woman's Left Breast "Incredibly Messed Up" After Boob Job


Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow have their work cut out for them on this week's brand new Botched. In a preview clip of tonight's episode, the two are introduced to Heather, a patient who experienced complications after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The worst part? Heather's doctor who performed the procedure apparently did nothing to help afterward. 

While looking at photos of the aftermath—which show Heather's left breast as extremely abnormal compared to the right one—Dr. Dubrow calls the mysterious problem "incredible."

"No, it's incredibly messed up!" Dr. Nassif snaps back.

Heather is able to provide some context for what happened, explaining that she got her first boob job at 19 and "loved it."

"And then I got married. I had three kids," she adds. "And my husband at the time really wasn't a breast guy."

Heather ended up getting the implants removed, and all was well.

"Then I ended up divorced and decided I'm a breast person," Heather says. "My ex-husband wasn't, but I was." 

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As a result, Heather underwent a second breast augmentation surgery.

However, this time around was different. In the days following the procedure, Heather tells Drs. Nassif and Dubrow, her left side felt odd and was more swollen than the right.

"So, I went back like four or five days later and said, 'This really hurts.' And [the doctor] said that the swelling and everything was normal," Heather explains.

Dr. Dubrow seems to indicate that shouldn't of been the case, and his confusion only intensifies after he asks Heather what the doctor diagnosed the problem as.

"She never told me," Heather says.

Dr. Nassif is also taken aback at this point. "So, she had a hematoma and the doctor just left it?" he asks his fellow surgeon.

"It sounds like that," Dr. Dubrow says, also telling Heather, "You had an emergency right away. You had something that needed to be treated with surgery."

"Not only is the surgery really important, but the post-operative care is equally important," he adds in a confessional. "Because if you develop a complication, it can be solved very quickly. If you miss the complication, and it goes on to develop as something significant, it can be really hard to fix."

Watch the entire consultation in the above clip!

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