Serena Williams' Snow White Wardrobe Malfunction Will Make You LOL

Serena Williams suffered a hilarious wardrobe malfunction during her Snow White-themed cooking tutorial video on TikTok.

By emily belfiore Apr 16, 2020 6:09 PMTags
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Serena Williams definitely needs to update her dress up wardrobe.

On Thursday, the tennis pro got dolled up as Snow White for a hilarious cooking tutorial-inspired video on TikTok. Dressed in the character's signature gown, she demonstrated how to make a yummy treat and channeled the iconic Disney princess as whistled while she worked.

"Hello, I'm back," Serena said from her kitchen, giving the camera her best Snow White impression by using a soft singsong-y voice. "I'm gonna stick this in the microwave for two minutes." As she carried on with her video, the stylish mom addressed her wardrobe malfunction, saying, "Speaking of backs, my dress doesn't fit…it in the back," showing viewers her unzipped costume and exposed back as she headed over to the microwave.

Excited to share her masterpiece, she posted the video on Instagram and poked fun at her ill-fitting costume with her caption, writing, "Snow back."

Serena Williams' Best Looks

In addition to posting her hilarious TikTok creations, Serena has also been using social media to connect with her fans and encourage them to practice social distancing

"I've been staying at home and practicing social distancing," she said in a post. "I want to make sure I'm doing my part during these uncertain times. Your actions matter and to #stayhome is one thing we can do to flatten the curve," adding a special thank you those "who are out there taking care of us outside of your own home." 

She's also been providing inspiration on how to stay active while indoors. Recently, she lead her followers in a guided stretching routine and also posted a video of herself playing tennis indoors. "Now more than ever, we are all one team," she wrote, adding, "#playinside #playfortheworld." In another post featuring her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., 2, the athlete shared, "Staying inside and spending time with my family, my home team." 

Another way that Serena is helping her fans stay entertained is through her partnership with MasterClass, where she teaches virtual tennis lessons through the platform. Guiding subscribers through the basics, her 12-minute lessons will have aspiring players ready to dominate the court in no time. Plus, Serena even offers personalized feedback to really get her students in tip-top shape.

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