Work(out) From Home: Kevin Hart's Trainer Shares a 30-Minute HIIT Routine for Your Body and Mind

Ron Boss Everline reveals the key ingredient to get you moving at home and shares exercises that'll work your whole body

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Missing your gym workouts? Want to bring the gym to you without cluttering up your living room-turned-home office with free weights and cardio equipment?

You are not alone, and that's why we have another Wellness Wednesday challenge at the ready—all you need to do is make time.

And then get your butt moving, of course, but you will once you realize that you don't need any additional equipment (though feel free to grab that chair over there) to stay fit from the comfort and safety of home.

Ron Boss Everline, creator of the Just Train fitness program and personal trainer to the likes of Kevin Hart (you've seen them trading hilarious verbal jabs and working up a sweat on their online training series "What the Fit"), is here to walk you through how to get started, what to do and how to stay motivated.

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First off, Everline is aware that for most people the time to work out can seem fleeting, even for the homebound (um, yes, true story). So that's where the very popular HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts come in handy.

"While you are just relaxing and obviously trying to eat as healthy as you approximately can," Ron explains, "do a quick HIIT workout. Put yourself through a 25-, 30-minute HIIT workout with some basic movement, so you could work five different movements for a minute at a time, with 45 seconds of movement and 15 seconds rest, and get your heart rate up and get a good sweat."

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Ron recommends this series, doing 45 seconds of each with 15 seconds rest in between exercises:

High Knees
Walking Lunges
In & Out's
Squats or Jump Squats

Repeat the series three times for a full-body workout.


You're also free to pull up a chair...but not to sit in!

"You grab a chair, you can do chair dips," Ron says. "You can do a dip with the chair against the wall to be safe, and that's working your tricep muscles. You can do elevated push-ups with the chair, depending on how strong the chair is. You can also keep that same chair in the exact same place.

"If you have a box, you can do some box step-ups. So you really can use at-home equipment to get a great workout, so that you really feel like you're moving well." Then, "you're keeping along with your routine of your day-to-day movement."

And the key to keeping it going for more than one triumphant day?

"Just commit to a time every day," Ron says. "Just find a time that if you're going to work on it, 5 a.m., commit to that time. You know, if you're working from home, say, 'okay, on my lunch break today, I'm going to do this 20-minute workout every day.'

"Find a time and hold yourself accountable for that time. And again, it doesn't have to be a long workout, you just have to get moving."

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Ron's program is all about training the mind to move in a certain direction too.

"The name of my company is Just Train the Mind. Just try to stay positive," he says. "You know, when you're stuck in a house, train the mind, don't focus on the body. Stay away from all the negative things that are being portrayed to us. Let's truly just try to focus on being active and loving our families and being more careful. That's what you should be focused on right now.

"While you're stuck in a house, you have time to tell people you care about them, care about them, you love them. And let's just bond and catch up with old friends and his family members that you've been out of touch with. This is a great opportunity to do that."


And this is also definitely the time to stay in touch with your support system, even if it's only by digital means for now.

"FaceTime is a powerful tool," Ron says. "Call your trainer, call your motivating partner, get on FaceTime, talk to your partners. You want to do it together, talk to each other. You can have a really healthy conversation over the phone...

"I FaceTime a lot of people to keep them accountable in my business and I think FaceTime is an incredible thing."

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