Watch Pregnant Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Spill Relationship Secrets in "Couples Challenge"

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas put their relationship knowledge to the test with their adorable "Couples Challenge" video on TikTok.

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These love bugs sure know a lot about each other.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas put their relationship knowledge to the test by taking the "Couples Challenge" on TikTok.

Sitting next to each other on their couch, the parents-to-be reminisced about milestones in their relationship as they took part in the viral challenge, proving that they know each other extremely well.

Kicking things off with who fell in love first, the Jonas Brothers rocker and Game of Thrones alum both pointed to themselves and appeared smitten as they remembered the early days of their romance. Then, the fan-favorite couple unanimously agreed that Sophie is the one that gets the most hangry. As for who is the most spoiled and grumpiest, she also took home the prize.

One answer that didn't surprise Jophie fans was that Sophie is the homebody of the relationship. Earlier this month, she shared that practicing social distancing has been a breeze for her.  

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas: Romance Rewind

"I'm kind of loving it," she told Conan O'Brien during her appearance on Conan. "Yeah, I mean I'm an introvert. I'm a homebody. Just like, if I could stay at home all day I would, so this is great for me. I leave the house once a day anyway to walk my dogs and then that's it."

While the X-Men: Dark Phoenix star has been loving getting to spend some extra time with her hubby, she admitted that his social distancing attire has been getting on her nerves.

"I mean, this is something that's only kind of come to my attention since this quarantine thing, but I saw…it was like a meme online or some comment or something and someone said, like, ‘If you're wearing denim pants at home, like, what does that say about you as a person?'" Sophie joked. "Like, are you a psychopath? And Joe does that. Joe wears denim trousers at home—where no one can see him. I'm not wearing denim trousers. This is the most dressed up I've been in days." 

During the interview, Sophie shared that Joe is having the most trouble with staying in, but he's been finding new ways to keep busy—like getting makeovers from his wife.

"Everything seems to be working out in my favor here," she explained. "Joe's like a—he's a real social butterfly. So, I struggle to kind of lock him down and have him just spend time with me. So, it's kind of…it's, like, prison for him, but it's great for me."

Social distancing might not be ideal for the "What A Man Gotta Do" singer, but he's grateful that it's brought him and Sophie together. Speaking to Andy Cohen via Instagram Live, he shared, "I think for us, it is nice to have each other during this time, but I think it can be [different] for a lot of different people. We got married last year, so naturally just wanting to be together, it's a really special time." 

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