Coupled Up: What Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Have Learned About Their Marriage During the "Chaos"

"Untouchable" singer Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin open up about the state of their marriage while in quarantine. See their helpful advice for other coupels

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Watch: Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin's Quarantine Life With Baby Jolie

Warning: If you enter Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin's Nashville property these days, it's not exactly going to be empty. 

With two growing kids running around the house, the couple is trying their best to keep their little ones occupied and entertained.

From a ball pit in the living room to a full on tent in the master bedroom, there's something for the kids everywhere you look.

"Honestly, we've just embraced the chaos," Jana explained to E! News exclusively when celebrating the release of her new song "Untouchable." "There are toys everywhere and usually we're pretty good about cleaning up at the end of the night, but we've been more lax about letting these go."

It's a mindset millions of Americans can relate to as schools remain closed and stay-at-home orders spread around the country. But before you think every moment of every day is about their two kids Jace and Jolie, the co-hosts of iHeartRadio's Whine Down podcast are still making their marriage a priority.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin's Most Candid Confessions

"We've been very intentional with our time together," Mike explained to us. "The challenge has been, I think for a lot of couples too, is finding individual time but it doesn't have to be all night or all day. We've done a great job at being like, ‘Hey, can I take 10 or 15 minutes?' Or, ‘Hey, you go take 10 minutes' just to relieve each other…10 minutes recharges the battery to get through the next several hours."

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While Mike is the chef of the family, Jana has focused on disinfecting and cleaning the house.

"If it wasn't for Mike, I would have been living off Chef Boyardee and frozen pizza during this entire quarantine so I'm really glad that I've kept him around because if we would've been divorced, I would have probably called off the divorce papers and been like, ‘Please come back because I'm starving,'" Jana joked to us. 

All kidding aside, Jana has been open that the pandemic has caused more anxiety in her life with so many unknowns. At the same time, the country singer is proud of herself for being at a place where she is comfortable voicing it.

"Usually when I've had anxiety in the past, I would hold on to it and be so afraid to not tell anybody and then I'll end up going into a panic attack but now I'll be like, ‘I'm scared' or ‘I'm stressed about financials,'" Jana explained. "Knowing Mike is there and having that support system has been really nice."

Celebs Giving Back Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jana and Mike's openness about love, relationships, mental health and life have resulted in a loyal following. In fact, many followers have felt comfortable sharing their own fears and struggles both before and during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When asked to share a piece of advice, the couple agreed that you have to communicate.

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"It's a perfect time for couples and people in relationships to realize no matter how much their lives are intertwined or how much they're stuck together, they are still two different human beings with different needs and wants at times," Mike explained. "It's okay to have different needs and wants."

Jana added, "Don't have your partner migrate. Like Mike might be wanting a few minutes but I wouldn't know that. I would be like, ‘Why is he being so irritated right now?' But if Mike can not have me migrate and just voice what he needs from me and communicate and say, ‘Hey, I need five minutes,' I would be like, 'Yah, Go take five minutes.' But if he doesn't say that, I don't know what he might be feeling, wanting or needing so I would just say don't migrate and communicate your needs."

Music fans will be able to hear Jana's feelings in her latest song "Untouchable." After co-writing the song back in 2010, Jana was waiting for the right time to release the song. Because of the track's powerful message and lyrical content, the singer wanted to share it now.

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness During the Coronavirus

"We've had a lot of stresses and been frustrated with each other with moments of breaking but our love is so strong and nothing touches our love or touches what we have and what we've built," Jana explained. "One of the lyrics is ‘the world is shaking' and the world is shaking right now and there are so many people dying and there is so much fear but we have a love that is not going to break us."

She continued, "I just want people to have a little love, a little hope and also to tell the single ones out there to not settle for love because it's out there."

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When it's time for dinner inside the couple's Nashville home, you may be able to hear this famous family play a game of Highs and Lows where they reveal the best and toughest parts of their day. These days, Jana and Mike are only focusing on the positive.

"We're never going to get that time back so let's just embrace it," Mike shared. "We don't need to complain about anything. Let's just be with the kids, be the family of four that we are and enjoy it."

Jana added, "Knowing we are tackling it together is a nice feeling. Yah, Jace is being a teething nightmare right now and we're schooling Jolie but we're in it together and we're a team—we've got this." 

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