7 Times Liz Lemon Was the Most Relatable Character on 30 Rock

By Kelsey Klemme Apr 14, 2020 8:15 PMTags
NOV. 15, 2020
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When She Kind Was A Little Bit of a Creeper

Who among us hasn't deep creeped into the Instagram or Twitter feed of someone we think we may have a crush on and decide that they are clearly our perfect match after seeing some common interests?

In this episode of 30 Rock, that's exactly what happens when Liz stumbles upon the mail of her neighbor (played by Jon Hamm) and decides he is a soul mate after learning they have the common interests of pie-making and ice cream machines. 

Also, it's Jon Hamm, so who even needs common interests?

When She Had Late Night Munchies

Ok, so you're not supposed to eat after 8pm allegedly, but that doesn't mean we still don't get a random craving for some chips right at midnight.

In this clip, Liz is on the same page, munching down on cheese puffs in the middle of the night. Granted, she's doing it while sleepwalking, but we have a feeling she'd approve of us when we're snacking on Oreos past our bedtimes, too.

When She Glowed Up To Get Revenge on An Ex

Nobody wants to lose a breakup, right? And while it's petty, we're all guilty of wanting our ex to run into us when we just so happened to be wearing our best outfit or after getting a blowout.

Such is also the case for Liz, who takes full advantage of her show's production team to give her the perfecting lighting and wind to blow through her hair for when her ex swings by work.

When She Called In "Sick" to Work

Pandemics aside, most of us have taken at least one sick day for symptoms that pretty much include wanting to do something else. The big challenge? Making your excuse believable, which unfortunately for Liz above, is hard to do when your boss catches you in the act of faking it.

When Her Love Language Was Food

While it's a classic go-to for someone to send you over a drink if they are interested in you, we couldn't stop laughing (or agreeing) with Liz when she pointed out that if she already has a drink, she'd really prefer some mozzarella sticks.

When She Gave Up On Dating

Cat? Check. Throwing your hair into a not-cute messy bun? Check. Liz was too relatable in this episode where she decides post-breakup that she's done with love and will be binging NCIS instead of going on any dates, which anyone whose been through a rough breakup gets.

When She Tried To Get Her Life Together

Whether it's purging our closets after listening to Marie Kondo or trying intermittent fasting, anytime there is a new trend that supposedly makes your life better, we're usually hopping on board.

In this clip, Liz gets lured in by the Container Store and how organizational products are the key to turning her life around...even if that ends up being a lie we tell ourselves.

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