The Modern Family Kids Did a Scavenger Hunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live That'll Make You Laugh

Watch Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould do a Modern Family scavenger hunt.

By Chris Harnick Apr 08, 2020 2:01 PMTags

Ahead of the Modern Family series finale, the kids (who aren't really kids anymore) virtually stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where the talk show host tasked them with quite the scavenger hunt.

On the Tuesday, April 7 show, Jimmy Kimmel had Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Rico Rodriguez and Sarah Hyland dish on the series finale—they haven't seen it yet, they plan to watch with the rest of the world—and who they'll miss the most. All said they live close to each other, so they assume they won't be seeing Ed O'Neill that frequently as he spends quite a bit of time in Hawaii.

Kimmel then tasked the quartet with a scavenger hunt within their own homes. The first task was simple: Bring something you love to the camera. They all brought dogs. The next task? Read a text from Julie Bowen.

Modern Family Cast Then and Now

Rodriguez's text read, "Love you. I got carried away with my crafty page. Sorry I forgot to bring it." Hyland's read, "One a day. What colors?" Say what? According to Hyland, Bowen has been knitting beanies (hats) and Wells Adams requested one. Winter's text read, "Your hair is crushing it."

Kimmel told the cast they'd get extra points of the texts had profanity. "Do you want actual profanity because I've got a lot," Gould said. And Gould's text involved an f-bomb and talk of the Modern Family documentary special (we think) that's airing with the series finale.

Their final task: Bring the largest bottle of alcohol they have in their house to the camera.

"That's right, America. The kids from Modern Family are now all of legal drinking age," Kimmel said. "Now do you feel old?"

So, who won? Watch the video above to find out.

The Modern Family series finale airs Wednesday, April 8 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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