Watch Stephen Colbert Shock Chance the Rapper as He Performs "Sunday Candy"

Stephen Colbert blew Chance the Rapper's mind when he perfectly recited the lyrics to his song "Sunday Candy" during his visit to The Late Show. Watch the epic moment here.

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Looks like Chance the Rapper has some competition.

On Monday, the "Hot Shower" rapper caught up with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and gave the late night host an update on how he and his family are holding up.

After joking that his two daughters Kensli, 4, and Mari, 7 months, have been "defeating" him and his wife Kirsten Corley when it comes to all aspects of social distancing, he opened up about how hard it's been to not be able to see the older members of his family—particularly his grandmother. Thankfully, they're able to connect via social media.

"She's on Instagram now," Chance said. "She's been sending me memes, which is so strange, right? Because, like, she's my grandma. But, she's…I think she just scrolls Instagram all day. Every five minutes, I get a DM of a crazy Christian meme."

While the Grammy winner gushed over grandmother, Stephen seized the opportunity to recite the lyrics to his song "Sunday Candy," which is an ode to the matriarch, and left Chance speechless. 

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"I've never met her, but I feel like I know your grandma a little bit because I know that," he began before launching into the first verse of the song. "She can say in her voice, in her way that she loves you / With her eyes, with her smile / With her belt, with her hands, with her money / You are the thesis of her prayers / All her nieces and her nephews are just pieces of the layers / Only ones she love as much as you is Jesus Christ and Taylor."

"You got a future so you're singing for your grandma / I'm singing too, but my grandma ain't your grandma," he continued as Chance remained stunned. "Yours—what is it? Sun-dried, pan-fried? Southside, and beat the devil by a landslide / Praying with her hands tight, president of my fan club, saying to her / Something told me I should bring my butt to church."

Still amazed by Stephen's knowledge of the song, Chance raved, "How do you know the lyrics better than me right now?"

Fortunately for the "Cocoa Butter Kisses" rapper, Stephen wasn't finished yet. Jumping to the second verse, he continued, "You went to church for the candy, the peppermint was the truth." 

Watch Stephen master "Sunday Candy" and blow Chance's mind in the epic video above!

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