Here's Why Social Media Is Buzzing About Jack Black's New TikTok Account

Jack Black made his TiKTok debut with his hilarious #StayAtHomeDance video and he's becoming a viral sensation.

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Finding yourself in a social media rut? Allow Jack Black to help.

Since launching his TikTok account on Monday, the Jumanji star has become a viral sensation with his hilarious videos.

Kicking things off with a bang, Jack made his TikTok debut by introducing the world to his #StayAtHomeDance. Dressed in only black shorts and sporting cowboy boots and a western hat, the funnyman epically danced around his backyard and showed off his impressive dance moves.

After wowing his followers with his kicks and spins and racking up over 1 million views, he received a warm welcome from fans in the comments section. "This is a full mood," one fan commented. "Give him all the hype...NOW," another wrote. "Most excited I've been to see a celebrity join tiktok yet," another follower shared. "Jack will do well here." 

Naturally, a video this good had to be re-posted. The School of Rock star shared his TikTok creation on his Instagram, where it was then met with praise from some of his celebrity pals.

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"Holy no," Jimmy Fallon commented. "Just perfection. Nailed it. I didn't even see the hat come off." Justin Long also chimed in, writing, "Literally just spent the last 10 minutes watching this on a loop. That's like a solid 4 or 5 non-quarantine minutes." And as Nick Offerman simply put it: "MY ZEUS."

Despite his incredible inaugural post, the Nacho Libre star had some difficulty launching his second post. Addressing the camera, Jack said, "Am I going? Am I going? Everyone's turning off their reactions," before being cut off. Trying to get his message across once again, Jack continued, "Am I going? Everyone's turning off their reactions, but I'm leaving mine on." Like his first attempt, Jack was cut off again mid-sentence.

Much to his surprise, it was his son Samuel Black, who was recording the star, that tampered with the footage. Deciding to give it another go, Jack delivered his message once again. This time around, the 13-year-old let his dad say what he had to say but didn't tell him that the camera wasn't focused on him. 

"Am I going?" Jack can be heard saying off camera. "Okay, my boy Sammy keeps cutting me off, so I'm gonna say it really fast: I'm not turning off my reactions. So, go ahead and react away, mother lovers!"

Join in on the fun and watch Jack's epic first TikTok video above!

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