Michelle Money Says Daughter Is "Fighting" for Her Life in Tearful Video Update

Former Bachelor contestant Michelle Money reveals 15-year-old daughter is undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on brain after skateboard accident

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Watch: "Bachelor" Star Michelle Money's Daughter on Life Support

UPDATEMichelle Money's daughter is on the road to recovery. 

In a new Instagram video posted by Michelle's boyfriend, golfer Mike Weir, the former reality TV star says 15-year-old Brielle remains hospitalized in stable condition following yesterday's surgery. 

"She's doing good," Michelle said. "It's been really rough not being able to be there, but I got 12 hours of sleep last night… I just wanted to thank you guys so much for supporting me and my family and Brielle especially."


Michelle Money is getting some much-needed sleep as her daughter undergoes surgery to relieve pressure on her brain.

In a new video posted on Monday, the former Bachelor star updates her followers on her 15-year-old daughter Brielle's current condition after suffering a "terrible skateboarding accident" this week.

She reveals the teen is currently in surgery to "remove fluid from her brain" in the hopes of relieving pressure. She says this needs to be done so they can "see what damage has really been done."

Unfortunately, Michelle says she's the only one currently able to sit at her daughter's bedside because of new policies imposed due to the coronavirus. "Broken hearted that Brielles dad cannot be in here with me. He has been sitting in his car in the parking lot not knowing what else to do. Only one parent at a time per 24 hour period due to the virus," she captions her video. "I do not think I am capable of leaving her but her dad needs time too."

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While they wait to see if the surgery is a success Michelle is "forcing" herself to try to sleep, since she's "been an absolute mess and have not slept" in the hours since their nightmare began. 

As emotionally-tolling as this experience is, Michelle, who competed on Brad Womack's second season, shares she and her family "feel" the prayers working and she says her daughter is "fighting" for her life. 

More importantly, she says the doctors and nurses have been "incredible" in working to help their daughter. She previously shared that her daughter is being treated at Intermountain Healthcare's Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Brielle was taken to the facility after neighbors found the teen and called 911, something the mother said she wouldn't have been able to do "in time."

She shared in her first Instagram post, "My heart is forever grateful. Thank you to all of you who have sent prayers and messages and love. Brielle has been through so much already this year. She has proven how strong she is. I know she will pull through. #PrayForBrie."

(This story was originally published on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 1:25 p.m. PST)

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