6 Virtual Tours of the World to Take Without Leaving Your Couch

Visit the Louvre, San Diego Zoo, Paris Catacombs and other famous tourist sites from the comfort of your home

By Cydney Contreras Mar 27, 2020 10:59 PMTags
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If boredom is beginning to set in, then fear not, because it turns out there's a whole world out there to explore.

Okay, people can't exactly explore new places in the physical sense, but virtual tours are more popular now than ever. As people near the second or sixth week of social distancing, they're seeking new ways to entertain themselves from the comfort of their own home. 

So, popular tourist attractions like The Louvre in Paris, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. and others are offering a new and, most importantly, safe way to escape their home. 

They are joined by celebrities, who are hosting online concerts and impromptu talk shows. For example, many of the hosts of the Today Show are working remotely from their homes to bring news and feel good stars to their fans at home.

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To see what new and exciting places you can take a virtual tour of, check out the gallery below!

Paris Catacombs

Underneath the city of Paris is a labyrinth of tunnels holding over six million corpses. The catacombs are believed to be 200 miles long, but much is uncharted territory because of the danger of cave-ins. 

National Parks

Whether people are itching to climb mountains or walk in a forest of sequoias, Google Maps has it covered. There are 31 tours available. 

Walt Disney World

The Disney parks may be closed, but people can still visit the magical world of Disney thanks to this virtual tour. Unfortunately, churros and other treats are not available. 

San Diego Zoo

Unlike other attractions, the San Diego Zoo is in operation 24/7. So while humans are unable to visit, the apes, pandas and other animals are still providing entertainment online. Tune in to one of their 11 live webcams to see how the animals are passing time here.  

Winchester Mystery House

According to numerous witness accounts, this house, formerly owned by Sarah Winchester, heir to the firearm company, is in fact very haunted. That being said, no spirits can be seen in this virtual tour. Instead, people who partake in the tour will see stairs leading to ceilings, windows to nowhere and other weird home designs. 

The Louvre

Four of the Louvre's famous galleries are available to view online, which is quite convenient considering there are often droves of people itching to see paintings like the Mona Lisa. Avoid the lines and admire from the safety of the couch.

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