Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson Would Be Handling the Coronavirus Best and We Have the Proof

By Kelsey Klemme Mar 28, 2020 1:00 PMTags
NOV. 15, 2020
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Until then, check out Ron's best moments we're taking a page from below!

When He Swiveled His Way to Social Distancing

Right now, we know it's important to be at least six feet away from anyone to practice social distancing, but turns out Ron has always been practicing that habit such as in the above clip when he swivels away from being face-to-face with any residents.

When He Avoided Unnecessary Trips to the Doctor

We keep hearing how it's best to not go to the doctor unless needed right now, but Ron took that to the extreme when he decided to become his own dentist for the day and yank out his front tooth.

When He Enjoyed the Fresh Air Alone

While we are spending a lot of time on our couch and watching Netflix, it's perfectly safe to go outside and get some fresh air and lift your mood, so long as you aren't around others. So, take a page from Ron, who is a man of nature and (as seen above) is perfectly enjoying a sunny day outside by himself.

When He Kept Off the Internet (For His Own Sanity)

It's important to keep up to date with the latest information, but sometimes too much info can start to spike our anxiety. While being like Ron and entirely trying to avoid the Internet may be too difficult, it's definitely worthwhile to purge any apps or sites that are making you stressed.

When He Got Really Into a Hobby

Since we're not going out with friends or heading to the movies like normal, now is the perfect opportunity to try out a new hobby with all the extra time on our hands. Perhaps, like Ron, you'll get into woodworking and you can casually gift a handmade canoe for your coworkers, too!

Just Take It From Nick Offerman

Don't believe us that Ron would be thriving during this time? Then take it from Nick Offerman himself when he was on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this month.

Seth Meyers asked Offerman how his character would be handling coronavirus and after Offerman joked "he wouldn't notice", he said, "[Ron] would just take his family to one of his cabins in the woods, where he was heading anyway, and they'd just enjoy some fishing and some items from his garden until things blow over."

He then ended his prediction about Ron with, "When the sh*t goes down, Ron is all set up."

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