Meal Makeover: Top Chef's Tom Colicchio Reveals the Foods You Should Be Stocking Up On

Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio shares the foods you should be stocking up on during the Coronavirus. Get his healthy tips to avoid a crisis in the kitchen.

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In times like these, eating healthy meals has never been more important.

Like so many Americans, Tom Colicchio understands that going to a grocery store these days isn't exactly an easy task. Between high demand, limited stock and social distancing, many shoppers are forced to get creative when it comes to mastering meals in and out of the kitchen.

But if you ask the Top Chef judge and celebrated chef, consumers do not need to panic.

"It's about learning how to adapt," Tom explained to E! News exclusively. "I wrote a book called Think Like a Chef almost 20 years ago and the whole point of the book was to get people to understand that it's really about techniques. It's not about a recipe and that's really true now."

When asked to share what ordinary Americans should have in their kitchen, Tom admitted that he "cooks a lot with olive oil." In addition, cured meats like bacon are resourceful because they last a long time. At the same time, you have to think of the people inside your home.

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"It's hard to say because I think people—I know my house—there's some things we already have," the proud father explained. "They eat what they eat."


"The comfort food that your family eats? Make sure you have them," Tom continued. "Right now, everything is so up in the air…you need the familiar. You need things that comfort you. Chickens soup is one of those things especially in the winter."

And while choices may be more limited than usual, the chef and owner of Crafted Hospitality stressed the importance of eating healthy even through stressful times.

"Eating healthy is really important right now because you want to keep your immune system really strong because God forbid you get sick, if you have a strong immune system, you'll fight it off," he shared. "There are a lot of fruits and vegetables out here. It's just all the dry stuff and canned stuff that's gone. Make sure you're cooking."

The Jersey Tomato Co.

Tom reminds people that the food supply is not going to stop. And yes, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty that is food.

A new season of Top Chef recently kicked off last month with the fiercest group of competitors the show has ever seen cooking up tasty and unique dishes.

And while you watch the juicy new season or Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen online, you too can cook like Tom at home with his new sauces from The Jersey Tomato Co.

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"It's a great season and I had a lot of fun shooting it. There are a lot of twists and turns and a lot of good games, he teased. "I think it's going to provide a needed distraction from the news for the day." 

Top Chef airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. only on Bravo. Catch up on all the episodes here.

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