Cheer's Jerry Harris Is Here to Brighten Your Day With Inspiring Mat Talk

Cheer's Jerry Harris recorded an inspiring mat talk to remind everyone to "look at the brighter side" amid the coronavirus outbreak.

By emily belfiore Mar 24, 2020 6:37 PMTags
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Jerry Harris is here to cheer you up.

On Tuesday, the Cheer star boosted everyone's spirits with a heartwarming message. In a video shared by the official Navarro College Cheer Instagram account, the 20-year-old gave the world an inspiring mat talk and remind everyone to "look at the brighter side" amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"Hey America, it's Jerry here. You already know. I just want to let each and every one of you guys know you guys are strong, independent and wise and you guys can make it through this time in our lives," Jerry said. "And even though your life may be on pause right now, we can always look at the brighter side and look at the positives of the situation, okay?" 

He continued, "We're all spending time with our families, we're spending time with our loved ones and we get a time to relax for most of us, okay?"

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Ending his mat talk on an uplifting note, Jerry added, "I know it may not be something we are used to or want, but it's something that we have got and we have to appreciate everything we have now and look forward to what's to come next. You guys are awesome and every single one of us will make it through."

In addition to sharing Jerry's mat talk, the Navarro College Instagram account also posted a throwback video of the Netflix breakout star doing a floor routine, where he can be seen doing some impressive flips and being cheered on by his fellow teammates.

Just last week, news broke that the Navarro College cheerleading team's season had come to an unexpected end after the NCA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, FL. was canceled due to coronavirus concerns. Following the upsetting announcement, coach Monica Aldama took to social media to reflect.

"I am heartbroken with the circumstances that the world is currently facing," she said via Instagram. "This decision was inevitable as things have progressed and our country is in uncertain times. I was not ready to say goodbye so quickly. I was not mentally prepared for the team to turn in uniforms, pack their things and leave town."

She continued, "I want to thank the kids for pouring everything they had into this entire year—for the late nights-the games-the community service-the holidays given up. They are fighters and have always given me 100%. Their routine was so beautiful and their work ethic was bar none."

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