Lucy Hale Admits She Has "Teeth Crushes" on Celebrities

Lucy Hale hilariously rated the celebrities she has "teeth crushes" on during her visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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Lucy Hale loves a good smile.

On Monday, the Pretty Little Liars alum admitted to having "teeth crushes" on people during her visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show. Much to Lucy's surprise, host Kelly Clarkson totally related to her obsession.

"I think it might be because I've had Invisalign twice, I've had braces for my whole childhood," she explained. "But I just, like...I love teeth. I have a fascination with teeth. I love smiles. It's, like, the first thing I notice about people." 

Despite being so captivated by other people's teeth, the Katy Keene star shared that her dog makes it near-impossible to maintain her perfect smile. "I need to start wearing my retainers. My dog keeps chewing them," Lucy added. "I'll wear them in the middle of the night and somehow I'll wake up and they'll be…my dog will be chewing them. So, in my sleep I take out my retainers."

Lucy Hale's Best Looks

When it comes to her celebrity teeth crushes, Lucy listed Julia Roberts as one of her favorites. "We love a Julia Roberts smile," she raved. Intrigued, Kelly had Lucy weigh in on a handful of celebrity smiles.

To kick off their game, The Voice coach put up a picture of Cardi B flashing a big smile. Then, Lucy gave her critique: "Symmetrical. White. Anything Cardi does though—I love her."

Next up was Post Malone, who was sporting a grill in the image Kelly casted on the screen. Lucy said, "I have a crush on Post Malone. It works. Anything he does, it all works for me."

Staying on theme with stars that added a little bling to their smiles, the "Since U Been Gone" singer displayed an image of Drake, noting that he has a tiny diamond on one of his teeth. "See that's, like, very good," Lucy chimed in. "I love Drake. Yes, we like his teeth as well. That's a very nice smile. I don't know if I've ever seen him smile."

For their final celebrity smile, Kelly asked Lucy what she thinks of stars like Madonna that proudly rock their gaps. "I actually love that," she shared. "I love when you embrace what makes you quirky."

Watch Lucy and Kelly bond over their teeth crushes in the video above!

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