Even Michelle Obama Says She's Busy "Netflix and Chilling" During Coronavirus Outbreak

Michelle Obama talks to Ellen DeGeneres about how she and President Barack Obama are keeping themselves entertained

By Cydney Contreras Mar 23, 2020 9:47 PMTags

Stars—they're just like us!

As the world retreats indoors to avoid the spread of coronavirus, so is Barack and Michelle Obama. The First Lady caught up with TV host Ellen DeGeneres on the phone this Monday afternoon, which Ellen shared to Instagram. 

During the five-minute phone call, Michelle revealed she, her hubby and their two daughters are passing their hours by sitting back, relaxing and indulging in some of their favorite streaming platforms. "We've got a little Netflix and chillin' happening," she quipped to Ellen and her wife, Portia de Rossi

In addition, the famous celebrity said she and President Obama are doing their fair share of conference calls, while their daughters Malia and Sasha are participating in online classes since their colleges are temporarily closing school grounds.

Other than that, the First Lady is finding the good in the bad, something she consistently did while Barack was in office. She told Ellen that despite the drawbacks of social distancing, it's helped the First Family to bond like never before. "The positive side, I know for us, it's forced us to continue to sit down with each other and have real conversations," she shares.

Celebrities Working From Home During Coronavirus

She added that they've been trying to make sure they're staying occupied "without just tv or computers."

"It's a good exercise in reminding us we just don't need a lot for the stuff we have," she said. At the end of this ordeal, she hopes her daughters come away from this learning more about themselves and their life.

As for the rest of us, she advises, "Be grateful for what you have and be ready to share it when the time comes."

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