The Bachelor's Peter Weber Says He Plans to Move Out of His Parents' House

During an Instagram Q&A, Peter Weber told fans he is planning on moving out of his parent's home.

By Pamela Avila Mar 21, 2020 5:16 PMTags
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Pilot Pete is packing his bags.

The Bachelor star Peter Weber invited fans on Instagram to ask him their most burning questions during a Q&A session on Friday.

Fans asked Peter about his favorite movie of all-time (Top Gun), his favorite karaoke song, his favorite food (Cuban food, of course), his favorite place to fly, among other things—but the juiciest question of all came from a fan asking if he had "any plans to not live at home."

To which the 28-year-old responded by belting out "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver in a video with his mom and dad in the background.

He also wrote, "But real talk yes, either NYC for about a year or LA."

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" the Bachelor star's dad joked in the background. His mom Barbara said, "We're empty nesters!"

If you're wondering why the infamous Bachelor still lives with his parents, then let us refresh your memory.

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Ahead of their son's debut as the star of The Bachelor, Pete's parents were guests on the Bachelor Party podcast.

During the episode, Pete's mom shared that their whole family still lives under the same roof because they're "very close" and "we support each other in every which way, and we're each other's best friends, not just parents."

She added, "People forget: I'm Cuban, OK...In old time Cuba, the kids would be at home and in their 20s they would get married, and they would still live at home. They would have children, and the was one big happy family. Everybody living at home, so contrary to what a lot of people say like, can't wait to get rid of the kids...our culture is a little bit different, and not that one is right and one is wrong, we want to keep that family tie, that unity together. And that's one of the reasons that Peter and my other son Jack are still living at home, because there's no reason really to move out."

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But cultural norms aside, Pete's mother also shared that it's "best to save your money" and invest in buying his own home down the road.

"Responsibly, he can do it, but I'm just looking for the right place for him when we do decide that he's going to take that step...but we're very happy living at home, everybody together," she added.

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