Vote: Which TV Character Would You Be Down to Be Quarantined With

By Kelsey Klemme Mar 21, 2020 1:00 PMTags

All of the best TV shows have one thing in common: Characters we love so much, we almost consider them friends.

So, as we spend day after day in front binging our favorite series while social distancing, we naturally find ourselves wondering which of our favorite fictional pals would be the best partner in crime to stay in and have a movie marathon with.

We've rounded up 20 of the characters who we'd be down to quarantine ourselves with and now we're asking you to sound off on which one would be your first choice.

Perhaps you're thinking in practical terms, so someone like Dwight Schrute from The Office makes sense to you, since you can take refuge on his giant beet farm, or Dr. Cristina Yang, who you know would be able to take care of you.

Then again, you may want a pick-me-up to lift your spirits, and rooming with Elaine Benes and her dancing from Seinfeld or the lovable Joey Tribbiani from Friends would make you happiest.

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Check out the characters below that we rounded up as our top contenders, and then vote for which one you'd share your last roll of toilet paper with.

Dr. Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Our social distancing gameplan includes watching a ton of rom-coms, something that Mindy Lahiri would be down with as she provides hilarious, witty commentary.

Pros: It seems smart to hang out with a doctor right around now

Cons: You'd have to keep her from texting her exes

Renata Klein, Big Little Lies

She will not not be healthy! Being stuck with Renata Klein could be the perfect way to learn how to channel your inner boss bitch energy.

Pros: She can throw a great costume party (for fewer than 10 people!)

Cons: Will destroy your train set

Fleabag, Fleabag

When we're all by ourselves for too long, we also find ourselves facing the fourth wall and talking to no one, kind of like our favorite, Fleabag.

Pros: Owns a sandwich shop that would keep us happily fed

Cons: Smarter and funnier than us

Chidi Anagonye, The Good Place

Right now the world feels a little like the Bad Place, so who better to be in the thick of it with than a guy who was able to get out and to the Good Place while being an ethical king?

Pros: Can teach us all about philosophy with the down time

Cons: Will be indecisive about everything

Elaine Benes, Seinfeld

Seinfeld was one of the most iconic shows for years, even though it wasn't really about anything, meaning someone like Elaine will know how to keep us entertained when really not much is going on as we hunker down.

Pros: Can teach us some amazing dance moves

Cons: Is banned from the best soup spot

Joey Tribbiani, Friends

How you doin'? We'd be doing much better if we got to spend our days with this hilarious, lovable character who loves food as much as us.

Pros: Would be down to eat pizza every night with us

Cons: Is gullible and would probably fall for some fake news

Rafael Barba, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

In chaotic times, we look to calming people, such as Rafael Barba from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, whose intelligence and professionalism would keep us grounded.

Pros: Is both brains and beauty to be around

Cons: Would win every argument you get into

Michael Kelso, That '70s Show

Sometimes in the face of uncertainty, you want to just relax with someone who doesn't take things so seriously, which is why Michael Kelso could be the perfect partner in crime.

Pros: Would have the perfect munchies for a long lockdown

Cons: Would probably be too high to help if you were in danger

Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec

Leslie Knope was built for a situation like this, where she would be simultaneously working with the government to fix this while also crafting you thoughtful, unique gifts.

Pros: Would already be talking to the government on a 37-point plan to fix things

Cons: Would eat all of your stockpiled waffles

Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock

Listen up fives, a ten is speaking! Jenna Maroney with her hilarious one-liners would be the perfect person to be around to take our mind off of anything going on outside.

Pros: Has a copy of the Rural Juror to watch over and over

Cons: Will freak out it you get any more attention than her

Dr. Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy

Hanging out with one of the smartest doctors from the Seattle Grace Hospital just seems practical, but Cristina also proved time and time again she is an equally good friend, too.

Pros: Knows everything about medicine and would be able to take care of you

Cons: Would be overly competitive when playing board games

Karen Walker, Will & Grace

If your limited grocery trips have included stocking up the wine, then the character you know you'd want to be hanging with until this is all over is none other than the hilarious and candid Karen Walker.

Pros: Would turn your lockdown into a party

Cons: You'll be hungover every day

Olivia Pope, Scandal

Olivia Pope has handled scandals with political figures, including the President, so you can count on her to handle a pandemic situation, all while giving you a monologue that will make you feel like an invincible Gladiator.

Pros: Is connected to high-ranking people and would know what's going on first

Cons: Is also connected to underground criminal organizations that sort of put you in danger

Dwight Schrute, The Office

An emergency situation is exactly the sort of thing a volunteer sheriff's deputy like Dwight Schrute has been training for, so you know you're in good hands as you binge Battlestar Galactica together.

Pros: Has a beet farm you can take refuge on

Cons: Having to share that beet farm with his weird cousin, Mose

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

When things feel a little scary, we find ourselves kind of wanting a parental figure, which is why hanging out with one of America's favorite fictional dads could make us feel like everything will be just right.

Pros: Will have plenty of dad jokes to get you through this

Cons: Too many dad jokes to get you through this

Alexis Rose, Schitt's Creek

Perhaps now is the best time to embrace small-town living, and who better to do that with than someone whose family owns its own town and has a motel to post up in.

Pros: Can get you a first look at her mom's movie, The Crows Have Eyes 3

Cons: Will get under your skin constantly by saying "Ew, [insert your first name here]" if you get sick

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

Gossip girl, here, and the Upper East Side socialite that anyone would want to hang out with for the next few weeks is naturally Blair, who would tackle this situation in style.

Pros: B would have all the scoop and gossip, which would be our entertainment while in quarantine

Cons: She would judge us for wearing sweats all day, since she'd no doubt have a face mask that matches her headband

Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

Who wouldn't want to be the third-wheel to these besties who would no doubt make us laugh during these trying times?

Pros: Abbi knows how to clean up vomit and somehow Ilana would be thriving during all of this

Cons: Would have to be locked in a small New York City apartment

Steve Harrington, Stranger Things

When you're facing down disaster, it helps to be with someone who knows a thing or two about coming out of one alive...and, in Steve's case, with amazing hair.

Pros: Steve knows how to swing a bat

Cons: That doesn't help in this situation

Joe Goldberg, You

If you are looking to be alone with someone who knows everything about you, like literally everything because they have been secretly stalking you, then this is your best bet.

Pros: Has a clear box to take shelter in



TV Characters Quarantine

Which TV character would you want to be quarantined with?
Dr. Mindy Lahiri
Renata Klein
Chidi Anagonye
Elaine Benes
Joey Tribbiani
Rafael Barba
Michael Kelso
Leslie Knope
Jenna Maroney
Dr. Cristina Yang
Karen Walker
Olivia Pope
Dwight Schrute
Phil Dunphy
Alexis Rose
Blair Waldor
Abbi & Ilana
Steve Harrington
Joe Goldberg

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