Today's Savannah Guthrie Gives an Adorable Update From the "Bedhead Bureau" With Her Kids

Savannah Guthrie co-anchored the TODAY show from home and her kids made an adorable cameo from the "Bedhead Bureau."

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Savannah Guthrie's children make the cutest coworkers.

For Friday's episode of TODAY, the reporter, who is co-anchoring from home as she recovers from a sore throat, gave co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Harry Smith an update on how she's doing. Her colleagues also got to catch up with her kids Vale, 5, and Charles, 3, who made an adorable cameo during the episode.

"I've got Vale and Charlie with me," she said while cuddling with her tiny tots. "We've been doing a lot of FaceTiming with friends. They're here in their pjs…from the 'Bedhead Bureau.'"

On Wednesday, the fan-favorite anchor began working from home after coming down "a mild sore throat and runny nose." Co-anchoring the morning's episode from her basement with Hoda, Savannah elaborated on her condition, "Here's what happened, I wasn't feeling my best, little sore throat, some sniffles, I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but we are in different times, aren't we?"

Celebrities Working From Home During Coronavirus

"So, in an abundance of caution, and also to really model the vigilance that the CDC is asking of all of us right now," she continued. "We followed the advice of NBC's medical team, and so, here I am, I'm working from home as we speak. And we're still together and we're gonna get this show on the air." 

Keeping spirits light, she added, "Well now we're really socially distancing aren't we, Hoda?"

Like Savannah, Hoda has also had to adjust to having her little ones Haley Joy, 3, and Hope Catherine, 11 months, at home. During Hoda & Jenna, the mom of two shared that her eldest daughter has been continuing her favorite music class online. Before the show, Hoda posted a sweet video of her baby girl's lesson on Instagram, where she can be seen playing the tambourine as she follows along with her teacher via FaceTime. 

"You know what I loved about the beginning of this class, is he called out every kid and he said he's never had a bigger class because usually you can make it to the class, or you can't," Hoda said during the episode. "Everybody's on and it's all the little faces and they all did their thing. And he called out her name and Haley was like, ‘He said my name! He said Hope's name!' Because he said, ‘Haley and Hope, I know you're there!'"

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