Find Out Why Mary Lynn Rajskub Is "Terrified" on The Funny Dance Show

Watch the 24 actress train for her solo number on The Funny Dance Show!

By Alyssa Ray Mar 17, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Mary Lynn Rajskub Aroused by Fruits and Vegetables?!

Can Mary Lynn Rajskub now add dancing to her expansive portfolio?

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new The Funny Dance Show, the 24 actress rehearses her solo routine, where she plays a "grocery bagger who is strangely attracted to fruit." Yep, you read that correctly.

"Is it a crime to be aroused by fruits and vegetables? Cut it out if you have to," the Night School star quips. "Can't handle the truth?"

As is captured in the hilarious footage above, Rajskub has many props for her routine, including a grocery cart, a zucchini and an eggplant. Unsurprisingly, teammate Matt Richards declares the routine "kinky s--t."

"One secret to my dancing is, I haven't moved my body from here down since like 1998," Rajskub adds.

Nonetheless, the 48-year-old star is taking to her routine quickly as she's seen doing "crotch work" and twerking.

"Oh, that's where it is? I didn't know where my booty was 'til just now," Rajskub jokes after a successful twerking session.

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Despite all of her effort, Rajskub further jokes that this process has been "an exercise in humiliation."

"I think it shows in just the way that I talk about dance that I've got a lot of experience," the comedienne sarcastically mentions. "I'm working on some 1,2,3,4s, some kick 'em ups, some turnsy-aroundsies."

All jokes aside, Rajskub reveals she's actually "terrified."

For the final results of her LOL-worthy routine, be sure to catch Wednesday's all-new The Funny Dance Show.

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