Summer House's Kyle Might Be Single After Explosive Drunken Fight With Fiancée Amanda

In this exclusive sneak peek, the reality star hurls "f--k you" at his wife-to-be: watch the drama go down!

By Brett Malec Mar 17, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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Have Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula reached their respective breaking points?

In this exclusive sneak peek from tomorrow night's brand new episode of Summer House, Kyle comes home drunk after a night of partying and his fiancée is not happy about it, especially since she hasn't heard from him in hours.

"It's 1:30 in the morning and I still didn't hear from you," Amanda tells Kyle after delivering a sharp smack to his shoulder.

"Oh yeah, because that was top of mind, the s--t that we were doing," Kyle slurs.

"I'm never top of mind!" Amanda yells. "My fiancé doesn't pick up my phone calls."

"I'm done with you," Kyle retorts as he walks away from his furious other half.

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In the backyard, Kyle rants about Amanda to himself, saying, "Ever since I've been engaged all I've been doing is apologizing, not having sex and literally just being a f--king caged animal. I literally did nothing wrong and I'm getting ridiculed."

Amanda hears him and confronts Kyle again about being radio silent during his night out. "I can't do it any more," Kyle complains. "It's exhausting."

Their war of words comes to a head when Amanda asks, "Do you want to be single?" He answers, "Yes."

"Remember that tomorrow," Amanda tells him. "Don't black out right now."

"I f--king work so f--king hard. F--k this s--t! F--k you!" Kyle screams.

See the drama unfold above and don't miss Summer House Wednesday night at 9 p.m., only on Bravo!

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